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Detty December Ghana: Where to Be and What to Do

Detty December Ghana
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Is there any other exciting month and way to explore the ins and outs of Accra than with Detty December Ghana? Nothing beats the fascination of this annual festival that lights up Ghana to unimaginable levels.

Think of jovial throngs dancing to the catchy sounds of Azonto, highlife, and Afrobeats. Not indoors but in the festive streets of Accra decked out with fairy lights. That’s Detty December for you. Every night is a celebration, with street vendors grilling up delicious Ghanaian fare and pop-up bars serving up tropical concoctions.

If you always wanted to visit, feel, and enjoy Ghana, December is the perfect moment for you to do so.

What is Detty December Ghana?

Detty December Ghana is part of a longstanding West African culture where families and friends reunite and celebrate wildly. Ghanaians in the diaspora are the proponents of this festival, just like their counterparts from Nigeria.

detty december ghana

Dettty December Ghana. Photo/9Bills Blog

Detty December Origin

Historically, ‘detty’ (dirty) is a festival founded by diaspora-based West Africans returning home in December to celebrate Christmas with their friends and families. The celebration is hard to miss because it fills the streets. Food and music are in plenty for the nearly week-long event that starts over Christmas and into the New Year.

Favourite West African foods, such as the famous jollof rice and fufu, dot every corner of the country. Music and dance take over the streets. Senior citizens are not left behind either as they catch up with friends and family in a typical West African style. It is always a time for generosity, with communities coming together to support those in need and celebrate the spirit of giving.

Is Detty December in Ghana Great?

Detty December Ghana is famous for the right reasons. Part of Ghanaian culture revolves around entertainment; they are as fun-loving as Nigerians are. Ghana has earned the moniker “Africa’s Ibiza” due to its vibrant nightlife. However, what good is culture if it doesn’t make you want to beg for a break?

Ghana is the place to go by all descriptions if you want to party without limits and eat traditional food to your fill for days. Not to forget Ghanaians are extremely welcoming and their culture only draws you closer.

Is December a good time to go to Ghana?

December in Ghana is a resounding “Yes!” for visitors. The air is charged with anticipation, and vibrant rhythms pulse through the lively streets. With a contagious joie de vivre in every passerby’s eyes, the atmosphere is festive. The timing couldn’t be better, as detty December Ghana marks the tail end of Ghana’s dry season.

detty december ghana

Detty December Ghana. Photo/Away to Africa

Expect a rich offering of balmy days basked in golden sunshine and cool, refreshing nights. And when the famous detty fests come after Christmas, the weather is so good that you shed heavy coats for breezy outfits. They are ideal for exploring picturesque beaches like Kokrobite or Busua. There, the rhythmic crash of waves harmonizes with the laughter of beachgoers, creating a perfect setting for sun-drenched adventures.

Moreover, fashion is hugely important during the carnival. It’s a time to dress to impress, to let your personality shine, and to join the vibrant spectacle of the streets. Ghanaians embrace their unique style and use fashion to express themselves. Bold colors, intricate patterns, and statement accessories send powerful statements about their culture. From dazzling kente cloths to playful Ankara prints, the streets become a runway of creativity.

Detty December Ghana Fashion

Traditional Ghanaian garments like kente, worn by royalty and on special occasions, take centre stage. Men don flowing kaftans and tailored suits, while women drape themselves in elaborate kente wraps and headpieces. It’s a chance to connect with cultural heritage and exude elegance.

Also, the carnival is synonymous with glitter, sequins, and shimmering fabrics. The nights come alive with party dresses that catch the light as people dance and socialize under the stars. It’s a time to let loose and embrace the festive spirit.

detty december ghana

Detty December in Ghana. Photo/Sorted Chale

Matching group ensembles for family gatherings or coordinating outfits with friends for street parties are also common. It unites everyone in a collective sense of style and celebration.


Detty December in Ghana is a celebration marked by infectious joy, vibrant rhythms, and anticipation. The festive air sweeps through lively streets, setting the stage for a resounding “Yes!” to visiting during this time. Food, fashion, music, and great weather encapsulate the beauty of this globally renowned festival.

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