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4 Striking Fashion Trends You’ll Notice During AFCON in Cameroon

AFCON Cameroon
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As the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Cameroon continues, the country’s fashion trends remain a major cultural attraction. And with the auspicious football tournament going down here, one can only expect a masterpiece in lessons about Cameroonian culture.

Fashion in Cameroon is dynamic as a result of different cultures. Climatic conditions in some parts of the country and religious movements with a particular set of norms also influence fashion trends here.

Again, it is a country largely dominated by Muslims and Christians. Therefore, different parts of Cameroon present different fashion trends.

For instance, in northern Cameroon, it is hot and dry. This region is majorly inhabited by Muslims – the outfits are long and flowing with headcovers.

In the southern region which is wetter, inhabitants embrace patterned and embroidered fabrics. It is an interesting country when it comes to fashion and AFCON will give a good treat to fashion enthusiasts.

Nonetheless, there are other fashion designs that Cameroonians rock.

How Do Cameroonians Dress?

Dressing in Cameroon is quite interesting – of course, as it comes to you during AFCON. Sights of kimono robe, wide-leg pants known as hakama, silk jackets known as haori are phenomenal.

Overcoats known as michiyuki, and a variety of shoes are among the clothing worn by both men and women in Cameroon.

Also, women in Cameroon wear apparel that is more vibrantly colored and patterned than men.

What is the Clothing in Cameroon?

Kabba, Sanja, Turbins, and other body garments are examples of traditional attire in Cameroon. They are worn by both men and women of various ethnic backgrounds and during AFCON in Cameroon, you will surely spot them.

However, there are other pronounced fashion designs you will find in Cameroon even after the month-long AFCON is over. Here they are.

Pagne for women


Pagne. [Photo by Pinterest]

An official dress, a pagne is a long dress made of cotton patterns or satin fabric that is typically worn for formal occasions.

Besides having a wrapper design, the garments are also worn as head covers or as slings to hold a baby on one’s shoulders while walking. It is commonly available in local markets. It is also available in a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.



Boubou [Photo by Pinterest]

Boubou is a type of fabric that is common in northern Cameroon. It is a ceremonial attire for men, but there is also a feminine variant available.

Boubou is dressed in a four-piece costume consisting of a cotton-made undershirt, a brightly coloured shirt, loose-fitting pants, and a hat in a colour that matches the shirt and has embroideries at the hem and neckline, all of which are handmade.

Men’s Quartre Pouches

Men’s Quartre Pouches

Men’s Quartre Pouches. Photo by cleveland people


The loose-fitting dress known as a Kabba is mostly worn by ladies at home, while casually shopping, or when visiting with friends and relatives. When worn as a dress, the apparel flows effortlessly from shoulder to knee or longer.

It is frequently created from traditional batik or tie-dye cotton designs. Generally speaking, the sleeves are broad, and the garment’s loose fit allows women and guests to move freely while also helping to keep the body cool in hot northern temperatures.

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