These are Top 10 Places in Burundi You Must Visit in 2021

Gishora in Burundi
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Burundi lies in the heart of East Africa, but it has a lot to offer in beauty and nature. Endowed with scenic beauty due to grasslands, forests and lakes, Burundi will leave you spellbound.

Burundi has amazing beaches where visitors can spend some quality time with their loved ones while enjoying the African sun.  With a rich culture and ethnicity, Burundi will leave a lasting impression in your heart.

Below are 10 Places in Burundi Worth Atleast Visiting Once in a Lifetime

  1. Bujumbura

  2. Ruvubu National Park

  3. Rusizi River National Park

  4. Kigwena Natural Forest

  5. Mount Heha

  6. Saga Beach

  7. The “Source du Nil”

  8. Chutes de la Kerera

  9. Bururi Nature Reserve

  10. Gishora


  1. Bujumbura

Bujumbura City, Burundi

Bujumbura City, Burundi. [Photo: this_is_bujumbura_city/IG]

Bujumbura is a vibrant city steeped in Belgian influence that directly results from the colonial settlements that the city holds. As a result, you can’t ignore the impact of Belgian culture manifested itself in numerous facets of life here. This is why you are sure to find the finest Belgian cuisine in the most unlikely places in the city. The nightlife is buzzing and will leave you enchanted. Bujumbura features a tropical savanna climate, so the temperatures tend to be on the warmer side, so it is advisable to carry some light clothing.

  1. Ruvubu National Park
Ruvubu National Park

Ruvubu National Park in Burundi. [Photo: Gisabo Tours]

This is the largest national park in Burundi and is home to various wildlife ranging from lions, leopards, Buffalos, the Nile crocodile, Hippos and numerous antelope. Ruvubu National Park is also home to many exotic flora and fauna species, making the national park a standout destination among all the other Burundi attractions.

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  1. Rusizi River National Park

Located on the outskirts of Bujumbura is the Rusizi River, National Park. An area flanks the Rusisi River flooded periodically, which attracts animals to the area. This is a natural habitat for Hippos, and there are numerous bloats dotted along the river. This abundance of animals makes this national park one of the most sought after by tourists. The park enjoys clear skies much of the year, making it a bird-watchers paradise.

  1. Kigwena Natural Forest
Kigwena Forest

Kigwena Natural Forest in Burundi. [Photo by natural_beautiful_planet]

The Kigwena Natural Forest, located in the Rumonge commune of Burundi, covers more than 3,000 hectares. The forest is too dense, making it an arduous task to step foot in. the forest is home to several baboons, monkeys, and various birds species. A guided tour of the forest is advisable, and tours can be booked through its Environmental and Conservation Institute.

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  1. Mount Heha
Mount Heha in Burundi

Mount Heha in Burundi. [Photo by tanganyika_links_tours]

Mount Heha makes up part of the Burundi Highlands mountain range and is the highest mountain. Standing at the height of 2,864m, this is a popular site for trekking as it provides a good challenge for anyone looking to reach the summit. Since the mountain is close to Bujumbura, one can set up base in the city before setting off for the summit.

  1. Saga Beach

The premise that a country needed a coastline to have great beaches will be proven wrong when you take a trip to Saga Beach in Burundi. The beach is a part of Lake Tanganyika’s shoreline and is a great place to enjoy its warm waters. Easily accessible and located only a few kilometres away from the capital, Saga Beach is a popular tourist destination. After a festive ambience, the ideal time to visit is at the weekend when the crowd of locals provide a lively atmosphere.

  1. The “Source du Nil”
Pyramid at the Source du Nil

Pyramid at the Source du Nil. [Photo by

 Whilst this is hotly debated as to whether this is the real source of the Nile, it is worth visiting this natural landmark.  A seemingly insignificant spring located just over 100km from Bujumbura, is believed to be the Nile River’s southernmost source. The location of the spring is identifiable due to the stone pyramids that mark its location. To find your way there, you need either your transport method or hire a local guide to take you.

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  1. Chutes de la Karera

Made up of four beautiful waterfalls, the Chutes De la Karera is a place of stunning beauty. Unlike some other waterfalls, you can get up close and even walk through the waterfalls as you enjoy the water. As all four falls are situated at different heights, one should be cautious as one explore to avoid nasty accidents. The tallest waterfall, which is fearsome at the wet season’s peak, is known as the Karera. Since there are no public transport options to the falls, you will have to charter a vehicle as part of a tour package, or self-drive.

  1. Bururi Nature Reserve

The rain forests of Bururi provide the ideal habitat for many animals including well over 100 bird species. This makes it a bird watchers dream, and birds can be viewed throughout the year mainly due to clear skies that occur throughout the year. One can spend most of the day walking through the reserve and, this is a viral activity that caters to people of all levels of fitness. Since the Bururi Nature Reserve is located at a high altitudes, the temperatures are cooler, making it a refreshing place to visit in the heat of summer.

  1. Gishora
Gishora in Burundi

Gishora, a top travel destination in Burundi. [Photo by princessalexiahakizimana]

 Gishora strategically sits on a hilltop chosen by King Gisabo. The main tourist attraction at Gishora is the drum sanctuary. Drum culture has played a significant role throughout the history of Burundi.  Drums were often made and played for important events such as royal ceremonies. A visit to this sanctuary is the perfect way to experience Burundi culture and take in and appreciate the architecture of the royal palace.

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