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The Best Time to Visit Egypt | When and what To do

The Best Time to Visit Egypt
Written by Jesca

If you’re thinking about the best time to visit Egypt, there are several factors to consider. Tourism in Egypt is bound by the seasons. The seasons regulate Egypt’s tourism. With over 102 million inhabitants, Egypt is the third-largest nation on the African continent.

Egypt’s vastness allows for a diversity of climates. It could be rainy in Alexandria and extremely hot in Luxor. This implies that picking the ideal season to visit Egypt can significantly impact your trip.

When is the Sandstorm Season in Egypt?

In Egypt, spring is a time of considerable unpredictability. It could be warm when a sudden sandstorm in the desert strikes.  

The khamsin wind causes sandstorms, which blow mostly in March. They may ground flights, feluccas may not sail in Aswan, and sightseeing may be impossible owing to poor visibility. If things don’t go according to plan, add one or two extra days to your itinerary.

A journey on a felucca is ideal in April. Camping in the White Desert and overnight felucca journeys from Aswan are made especially enjoyable by the milder evenings. 

Best Time to Visit Egypt 

Best time to visit Egypt

Best time to visit Egypt. Photo/Audley Travel

Egypt in Summer

Egypt is undoubtedly a hot nation throughout the summer. The average temperature in June, July, and August is 95F (35C). it occasionally reaches a high of roughly 115F (46C).

In the summer, the locals move to Red and Mediterranean Sea coastal cities, including Alexandria, Gouna, and the Northern Coast. Beachgoers enjoy an average of 14 hours of daylight.

Despite the heat, there are advantages to visiting Egypt in the summer. Fewer tourists will be present during the hottest months, giving visitors more time to see the nation away from the crowds.

To reverse the low season rule, summer is the busiest time for domestic travel along the Mediterranean Sea, as half of Cairo leaves for the shore. Yes, Alexandria is still hot, but at least there is a breeze.

Prices for hotels and flights are lower in the summer, so you could save a lot if you choose to visit during this time of the year.

Five Summer Activities to do in Egypt 

  1. Summer in Egypt is when divers head to Sharm el-Sheikh and the Red Sea coast. The divers are willing to take the baking heat on land for the payoff of calm, warm sea conditions and fantastic underwater visibility. More casual divers can rest easy, giving summer a miss, though; you can dive in Egypt year-round. Enjoy the beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh, the massive tourist destination with dozens of beaches, hotels, nightclubs, and bazaars.
  2. The most important archaeological museum in the world is located in Cairo; visit and see The Grand Egyptian Museum.
  1. Visit The Blue Hole in Dahab. It is famous for having the highest number of diver fatalities worldwide.
  1. Visit Khan El-Khalili, a renowned bazaar and souq in the heart of Old Cairo, to buy souvenirs.
  1. Set out on a voyage down the Nile.

Egypt in Autumn

 By the end of September, tourists come from every port during the autumn season. The temperature is ideal, with most places experiencing averages of around 86F (30C) throughout September, October, and November. More tourists also travel during cooler months, which drives up costs.

Five autumn Activities in Egypt  

  1. During autumn, the Mawlid festival takes place in Old Cairo. You may see the celebrations for the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
  2. For outdoor adventures, travel to the Western Desert or enjoy the winter sun while learning to dive in South Sinai and along the Red Sea coast. You should take some warm clothing as it will get colder than you think during the coldest months of the year in Cairo and Alexandria (and anyplace else after dark). This is the most favored time of year to visit Mount Sinai, where Moses was given the Ten Commandments, according to the Bible.
  3. Visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a library created to honor the Great Library of Alexandria, on a day trip to Alexandria.
  4. Visit the Citadel of Cairo, the medieval Islamic-era fortification in Cairo.
  5. One of the nicest times of year to travel to the Siwa Oasis is in the fall. You can swim in the oasis, which is just next to the Great Sand Sea if you travel west.

Egypt in Winter

During winter, the weather in Egypt is much cooler. The temperature rarely drops below 50F (10C). Travel to locations that get year-round sunshine to escape the chilly weather. These cities experience scorching days and cool evenings, which makes it the best time to visit Egypt.

 Six winter activities to do in Egypt 

  1. The greatest season to travel to the Sinai Peninsula Red Sea resort towns of Sharm El-Sheikh, Taba, Dahab, or even Hurghada and Sahl Hasheesh is winter. If you don’t enjoy the seashore, travel to Luxor and Aswan to explore the wonders of the ancient Egyptian civilizations.
  2. Visit Cairo Opera House, the city’s premier performing arts center, to see the Nutcracker Ballet performance.
  3. Spend Christmas in a restaurant that revolves while looking out over the Nile River.
  4. Travel to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramids of Giza.
  5. Attend the Sun Festival at the Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan, which is held on two occasions each year when the sun shines into the temple’s main hall.
  6. A good time to go hiking and on camel treks is during the winter. It is the ideal time to dash to the desert for camel treks and hiking as large tour groups return to the nation. November in Cairo is an excellent time to take lengthy walks to see the madrassas and mosques in the city because of the milder weather.
Best time to visit Egypt-camels rides

Best time to visit Egypt-camels rides. Photo/

Since this is the peak tourist season, expect high accommodation prices, especially between Christmas and New Year. 

Egypt in Spring

 There is little cause for concern when traveling to the cities because they often only reach 83F. (28.5C).

Six Spring activities to do in Egypt 

  1. Visit The Royal Mummies Hall in Cairo, an exhibition space that houses mummies and gold coffins from ancient Egyptian pharaohs.
  2. Spring is great for outdoor adventures because it’s not as cold at night in the Sinai High Mountains and the oases of the Western Desert.
  3. Travel to Old Cairo to see The Hanging Church, one of Egypt’s oldest churches, which was built in the third century.
  4. Spend the day at Dahab’s Castle Zaman, a striking structure that offers a breathtaking panorama of four nations from its perch on a mountain.
  5. Visit St. Catherine’s Monastery, one of the world’s oldest active Christian monasteries. The monastery was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.
  6. Egypt’s official spring holiday, Sham Ennessim, which always occurs on Easter Monday, is celebrated at this time of year by Egyptians.The residents enjoy salty dried fish known as Fesikh while out picnicking all day in the open spaces.

This is the best time to visit Egypt. excellent for cheap vacations. The temperature rises, and people leave the temples along the Nile. For popular locations like Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, El Gouna, and Marsa Alam, there are frequently some excellent package bargains. 

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