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Top 5 historical sites to visit in Zimbabwe

Top 5 historical sites to visit in Zimbabwe
Written by See Africa Today

Zimbabwe’s culture is not only rich and deeply rooted but also distinguished Throughout this Southern African country; there are historical sites that explain to depth Zimbabwe’s way of life and ancient history.

 Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Zimbabwe Ruins

Zimbabwe Ruins. [Photo by Jenman African Safaris]

 The Great Zimbabwe Ruins in Masvingo city give a scintillating history of Zimbabwe and its journey since the Industrial Revolution all through its civilization through the years. The ruins dating back to the 11th century are a spectacle to behold. They are designed with chiselled stone and no mortar holds them together yet the structure remains standing centuries later. Gravity and rock balance is the secret.

 Khami Ruins

Khami Ruins and National Monument are located in Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, Bulawayo. The stone walls design is akin to that of Great Zimbabwe Ruins but arranged into multiple levels. What’s intriguing about the stonework at Khami Ruins is their intricate design.

Matopos/Matobo Hills


Matobo Hills. [Photo by Zimbabwe-Tourism]

Rock paintings crown the Matopos Hills, an art credited to ancient cave dwellers about 2000 years ago. The paintings, although lack enough writings show a beautiful phase of life in ancient times. It is at the Matopos Hills where the remains of explorer Cecil Rhodes are believed to be preserved.

BaTonga Community Museum

The BaTonga community are historically revered people in Zimbabwe. They are among the ancient dwellers of Zimbabwe dating back to 300 AD. The BaTonga Community Museum on the shores of Lake Kariba showcases the tradition and beliefs of BaTonga people whose life was etched on fishing, farming, hunting and gathering. 

Chimanimani Mountains

Chimanimani Mountains

Chimanimani Mountains. [Photo by Zimbabwe Tourism]

Chimanimani Mountains are a historic mountain range with huge volcanic rock formation. The mountain ranges are idyllic with spectacular peaks appearing in blocks. The mountains are a huge part of Zimbabwe’s culture. Most of the folklore centres are based on Chimanimani Mountains occasioned by the fact that the caves in the ranges were used as a corridor during Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle. The mountains are popular for rock climbing,  hiking, camping and birding.

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