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Tarangire National Park, home to Tanzania’s tree-climbing lions

Tarangire National Park, home to Tanzania’s tree-climbing lions
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Tarangire National Park in Tanzania’s Manyara region has an epic story of hosting migrating wildebeest and zebras outside the Serengeti and Ngorongoro ecosystems.

The park is characterized by scenic topography comprising of river valleys, swamps and ridges. Parts of the park are covered by miles of African Acacia woodland while others shelter in combretum woodland and the seasonal marshy grassland with baobab trees.

Tarangire derived its name from Tarangire River which passes through the park. It is the main source of water for wild animals crossing over from the Serengeti especially during the dry season.

Interestingly, it is famous for its huge concentration of elephants and baobab trees. Herds of up to 300 elephants stroll the banks of the river. The peak season, between June and November – dry – sees thousands of visitors coming in to watch the herds of zebras, cape buffalos, giraffes and dik diks –Swahili for antelopes.

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

A herd of elephants grazing at the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania – Tanzania Odyssey

Other wild animals inhabiting the Park include impalas, grant gazelles, vervet monkeys, caracals, leopards, cheetahs, honey badgers, African wild dogs, elands, waterbucks, banded mongoose and olive baboons.

Tree climbing lions of Tanzania call Tarangire National Park home; it is the place where they have mastered the art of delicate balancing atop trees with their prey still intact. Huge pythons coil on trees in the park before making a move to kill their prey.

The park has over 550 species of birds giving a deep sense of the park’s brilliant birdlife and hundreds of termite mounds all over the park’s landscape.

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