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10 Fun Things To Do In Entebbe, Uganda

Fun Things To Do In Entebbe.
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Entebbe is one of Uganda’s most naturally stunning cities with lots of fun things to do. If you are traveling by air, Entebbe is typically the first stop on your way to Uganda. 

It is located 40 kilometers outside of Kampala city and is a part of the Wakiso District. The town has a cool climate and natural beauty thanks to abundant greenery, Lake Victoria and beautiful surroundings.

Use our guide to discover all the exciting activities in Entebbe, Uganda, and take advantage of all that this tiny city offers.

What is Entebbe Known For?

The international airport is just one of several attractions in this city. Entebbe is also home to several beautiful beaches. Many government residences, such as the State House, the official residence of the President of Uganda, are also located there.

Some people will recall Entebbe Uganda as the location of the airport hijacking that occurred in 1976. A recent movie called 7 Days in Entebbe was based on the Entebbe raid incident.

This city is more than just a resting place for tourists! See some of the amazing things to do in Entebbe, Uganda, whether we’re trying to kill time before a flight or getting away for the weekend.

What are the top Attractions to visit in Entebbe?

  1. Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre


Fun Things To Do In Entebbe

Fun Things To Do In Entebbe-A lion resting at Entebbe Zoo. Photo/Wikimedia.


Also known as the Entebbe Zoo, the Wildlife Conservation Education Centre is an awesome way to spend a day in Entebbe, Uganda.

Stroll through the education centre to check out some ‌animals you couldn’t spot on your other wilderness adventures in Uganda. The staff is knowledgeable about the animals in the zoo. They gladly share about their work and the conservation efforts they are doing.

If you want to get up close and personal with the animals, we highly recommend a tour guide. You could get inside to feed or pet a baby elephant, a giraffe, rhino, and cheetah.


  1. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary


Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Photo/Ngamba Island.


Ngamba Island is the greatest alternative if you can’t make it to western Uganda to do chimpanzee trekking. Ngamba, often known as Chimp Island, is a small island off the coast of lake Victoria.

Chimps that were saved from the black market for bushmeat and pets now call the Ngamba island home. For their rehabilitation, the 100-acre sanctuary provides a secure and natural environment.

There are many tour options available on Ngamba Island, including half-day, full-day, overnight, and extended stays. You will ‌engage with some of the resident chimpanzees and discover everything there is to know about their conservation efforts.

  1. Equator Sign


Fun Things To Do In Entebbe,

Fun Things To Do In Entebbe-Uganda equator sign at Lwaji Island Entebbe. Photo/galloparoundtheglobe.


The equator sign at Kayabwe south west of Uganda is popular to most people. But Did you know that Entebbe also has an equator sign? The Equator crosses Uganda, and there are three equator markers in the country. One in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, one in Kayabwe, and one on Lwaji Island Entebbe in the middle of Lake Victoria.

To see the “other” equator sign, board a motorized boat to Lwaji Island on Lake Victoria.

4. Botanical Garden


Fun Things To Do in Entebbe

Fun Things To Do in Entebbe-Monkeys at Botanical Garden. Photo/Flickr.


If you ask anyone what you should see in Entebbe while you’re in town, their answer without hesitation would be, “the botanical garden.” Entebbe Botanical Garden is a great place to stroll. You can view a variety of vegetation as you make your way to the Lake Victoria shoreline under the dense canopy of trees.

They divided the Botanical Garden into different zones. The original Tarzan films of the 1940s reportedly used the rainforest zone at Botanical as a background. 

According to Lonely Planet, there are approximately 115 bird species, as well as black and white colobus monkeys and tree squirrels.  

  1. Reptile Village
Fun Things To Do in Entebbe

Fun Things To Do in Entebbe-Reptile Village Entebbe. Photo/twitter


Reptile Village is the place to go if you want to see some of the most amazing animals in Entebbe. Reptile Village is home to many reptiles both healthy and injured.

Learn more about their effort to inform communities about wildlife preservation while getting up close and personal with snakes, chameleons, tortoises, turtles, lizards, and crocodiles. You’ll undoubtedly leave feeling more sympathetic toward these monstrous creatures.

  1. Mpanga Central Forest Reserve


Mpanga Central Forest Reserve

The sheds at Mpanga Central Forest Reserve. Photo/Trip Advisor


Even though it is a one-hour drive outside Entebbe, amid the trees, Mpanga is the ideal location for a vacation. On the way, you can have a guided forest stroll and hunt for monkeys, flying squirrels, birds, and butterflies. 

There is modest lodging if you want to spend more than an afternoon at Mpanga Central Forest Reserve, or you can bring camping equipment for a self-catered stay.

  1. Ssese Islands


Fun Things To Do

Fun Things To Do-Ssese Islands Entebbe. Photo/Twitter


The Ssese Islands are a secret paradise with white sand beaches, making them one of the most fun things to do in Entebbe!

You can still go boating and fish while being in the water. Bugala is the largest island in the 84-island archipelago. The most popular places to stay are Bugala and Kalangala. 

  1. Uganda Buddhist Centre


Uganda Buddhist Centre

Thai Ambassador H.E Cherdkriat Visits The Uganda Buddhist Centre. Photo/The Uganda Buddhist Centre.


The country’s first and only Buddhist Center, and the first African-introduced Buddhist temple, are located in Entebbe.

The Buddhist Center is one of the fun things to do in Entebbe, offering a variety of free public events, such as adult and kid-friendly meditation classes. At the centre, there are also community initiatives to improve water access and empower women and young people in Uganda.

  1. Mabamba Bay Swamp


Fun Things To Do

Fun Things To Do in Entebbe-Shoe bill bird at Mabamba swamp. Photo/Uganda Safari Experts.


Mabamba Bay Swamp is the largest wetland on Lake Victoria. Birdwatchers can get into the swamp by boat thanks to a small waterway that runs across it. Grab your best chance to spot the elusive Shoebill Stork when visiting Uganda.

You may catch these elusive birds perched on swaying papyrus islands eating frogs and insects. 


  1. Visit the beaches 


Fun Things To Do In Entebbe,

Fun Things To Do in Entebbe-Imperial Beach Entebbe. Photo/Sea Africa Today.



Entebbe, a town surrounded by water, is home to some of Uganda’s best and most popular beaches. White sand beach, Sports beach, Lido Beach, Aero beach, Imperial resort beach, and Spena beach are just a few of the beaches that make it one of the fun things to do in Entebbe. Like Anderita and Botanical Beach Hotels, the hotels and resorts in Entebbe also have their beaches. During weekends, partygoers from Kampala and other areas crowd the beaches. Join the boat cruise on the lake-nearly all the beaches arrange boat cruises on the lake for partygoers throughout various times of the day.


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