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Bundu Rovers Club: Kenya’s Adventurers In 4x4s

Bundu Rovers Club
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Without a doubt, you have heard about Kenya as a top travel destination in Africa. And lately, you may have come across the Bundu Rovers Club traversing the width and breadth of the country.

But, questions just linger; what is Bundu Rovers Club? What does it represent through its four-wheel vehicle or 4×4 as they are popularly known?

Well, here is the exciting bit of this club promoting Kenya’s tourism.

Bundu Rovers Club

Bundu Rovers Club. [Photo: Bundu Rovers Club]

What Is Bundu Rovers Club?

Bundu Rovers club brings together Kenyans who love adventure and drive 4×4 vehicles. Traditionally, these vehicles win recognition for their ability to handle treacherous terrains with utmost ease. 

Members of the club take the unpopular off-road route to satisfy their adventure in different parts of the country.

How Was Bundu Rovers Club Formed?

Before the online wave, the club’s inception went down at a local garage. On its website, the Bundu Rovers say the formation of the club dates back to 2008.

“Way back in 2008, a couple of us used to meet at a garage to have this and that fixed on our Land Rovers. The first interesting discovery was that there were several of us… we each used to think we were lone rangers as young (African) guys owning Land Rovers, and all of a sudden, there we were.

Bundu Rovers Club

Bundu Rovers Club. [Photo: Bundu Rovers Club]

“We’d talk about the machines and the things we did with them and why they needed fixing or some modifying, and slowly these conversations came to a head with one conversation about doing more than just meeting at a garage. That was the birth of Bundu Rovers!

“We very quickly agreed we needed to put something together to get other young, like-minded Land Rover owners on board – a for us by us initiative – and our many discussions and workings around how to best organize this led to Bundu Rovers Club!

Social media bore bundu Rovers club virility. It took a few travel enthusiasts who own four-wheel vehicles to form the group online. In a short time, many more who also own 4×4 vehicles joined the group. In its formative stages, it was a Land Rover’s group only. 

What’s interesting in Kenya is the love for vehicles. Almost every car brand has a Facebook group with a massive following. Most group members own that specific car brand.

It is on this backdrop that the rovers club came to be. It was just a simple group where owners meet, share, talk, have fun. Then, adventure across Magical Kenya followed. 

What Does Bundu Club Rovers Club Do?

Bundu Rovers Club

Bundu Rovers Club. [Photo: Bundu Rovers Club]

Well, they are the heaven-sent Magical Kenya ambassadors. They travel from one corner to the other, bringing out the best of Kenya. As is with their nature, they handle beautiful but rugged terrains that most Kenyans are oblivious of.

They are the people who spread the glory of Kenya’s beauty through their escapades. However, the rovers are more than just about traveling. 

“We spend our time together getting engaged with a whole variety of activities from drives, camping, training, family fun & pay and play days at various places! Not to mention getting in touch with our green side doing tree planting activities with the Nairobi Greenline Initiative. Some highlights from the past 3 years,” the club describes its operations.

Over above this, rovers care a lot about the environment. And they have been at the center of conservation efforts across the country. Their conservation work is rife at the Nairobi National Park in commemoration of the late conservationist Wangari Maathai.

Giving Back To The Community

The rovers are kind at heart and generous in travel! They are part of the Ubuntu Foundation that focuses on helping children suffering from neurological disorders. Club members visit the Ubuntu Café once in a while to share a word or two of wisdom in the joy of life.

the club loves the sceneries of Tukana, Samburu, and Marsabit – deeply arid with beautiful experiences. The club gives Kenyans the urge to visit these counties, which they consider dry with nothing to show.

However, they visit every part of the country, even those whose terrain is ‘friendly’.

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