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$3000 Per Night Manta Resort Underwater Room Price Offering

manta resort underwater room price
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How much would Manta Resort underwater room price be? This is a common question you ask yourself when planning a holiday in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Island is among the best holiday destinations in East Africa with a lot of choices for holidaymakers. The luxurious Manta Resort in Pemba Island is one of these choices with an exclusive underwater room in the Indian Ocean.  However, the engineering behind these luxurious rooms always triggers a thought about “how much does it cost?”. This article will give you an answer to it all. Keep reading.

What is Manta Resort Underwater Room Price?

Manta Resort underwater room price starts at $1500 to $3000 per person for a night depending on the season you visit. You can only book a minimum of one night and only sleeps two people in its double bedroom. Genberg Underwater Hotels, a Swedish firm built this hospitality masterpiece with a three-layered floating structure off-shore. These layers are:

  • A terrace on the rooftop
  • A landing deck
  • The underwater room
manta resort underwater room price

The Manta Resort in Zanzibar. Photo/parisverra/Instagram

The terrace is the welcoming zone for visitors with amazing sunbathing or stargazing experience. Then, the landing deck is the middle structure with an ensuite bathroom, a lounge and a mirrored floor to view the underwater.

Lastly, there is the underwater room as the bottom layer of the structure with 3D views and two beds. It has a rich view of the ocean’s marine life including coral reefs which you enjoy through its acrylic walls. The coral reef attracts dozens of marine creatures such as the rarely-seen coloured fish.

How about safety? Worry not because Genberg built it to the highest safety standard. Acrylic materials used in the construction of the resort’s underwater rooms withstand the intense water pressure below the sea.

Secondly, a multi-layered design structure creates an airlock system for each of the three layers. This system significantly reduces air pressure in the whole structure thereby guaranteeing absolute safety of the guests.

Below are the main points of the Manta Resort underwater room price label.

  1. Eco-friendly marine toilet
  2. Lounge area
  3. Star gazing
  4. Sunbathing
  5. Open air shower
  6. Fully stocked bar/fridge
  7. Underwater ocean views

How Many Rooms Does the Manta Resort Have?

There are 18 rooms at the eco-friendly Manta Resort on the seafront and around the resort’s garden. The rooms accommodate visitors who treasure serenity since this luxurious establishment is in a secluded part of the island.

Each of these rooms features different sizes, designs and locations. For example, the seafront villas have direct views of the ocean and they are bigger. The garden villas are at the back with beautiful views of the garden.

For the seafront villas, you get the following categories to choose from.

Is Manta Resort All Inclusive?

The Manta Resort. Photo/The Manta Resort/Instagram

Seafront Family Villa

It has a private spacious open-plan architectural design with a relaxation area including a large and exclusive swimming pool. These villas have a rich traditional Zanzibari interior décor providing comfort at its best. Also, the resort has installed the Evening Breeze, a quiet state-of-the-art cooling system in each villa.

Seafront Villas

Everything in the seafront villa is the same as that in the family villa. Design, interior décor and privacy. However, they have an additional balcony to relax in and enjoy the cool ocean breeze.

For the garden villas, you can choose from the following:

  • The Superior Garden Rooms
  • The Standard Garden Rooms

Privacy, space and nature describe what the garden villas provide. There are king-size beds in the villas with well-tended private gardens that have outdoor showers. Further, there is a spacious lounge with a deep Swahili theme to relax while catching up with friends.

Is Manta Resort All Inclusive?

Manta Resort underwater room price in Pemba Island, Zanzibar is all-inclusive although all you do is relax and watch. The terrace is a great spot to sunbathe during the day or wind down your night. You can also enjoy good food and drinks on the landing deck.

While at the resort which is 250 metres away from the underwater room, you can engage in a range of marine activities. Snorkelling, scuba diving, and underwater fishing among others are inclusive of your stay at the resort.

The Manta Resort is remotely located on the northern part of Pemba Island in Zanzibar. It is the only eco-resort with an underwater room in East Africa.

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