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Kenyan biker Ali Said Riding From Sweden to Kenya

Kenyan biker Ali Said
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Kenyan biker Ali Said is taking adventure to a new level with his 7.456 miles (12,000km) ride from Sweden to Kenya.

An elated Said expects to make it back home in one month where he will ride across 17 countries. His biggest excitement is that he will have an opportunity to traverse through different cities and small towns in Europe and North Africa.

He started the journey back home on August 15. His is a story of firsts, joining other Kenyan bikers who dared travel the world on two wheels. Their story serve as an inspiration.

How Will Kenyan Biker Ali Said Ride from Europe?

Kenyan Biker Ali Said

Kenyan Biker Ali Said. Photo/Ali Said

Said announced on his social media pages that he recently acquired a new super bike KTM 1290 adventure R 2022. This bike suits the description of a road beast. It has unparalleled capability and class-leading performance.

The Kenyan biker will leave Sweden for Kenya through Germany and Greece. This gives him an opportunity to see different cities and towns here. He will then fly to Egypt from Greece while his bike is shipped to Cairo where he will continue with his journey down to East Africa.

Here is his itinerary as he explains.

“Follow me as I do a solo ride of a lifetime, 12,000kms for 1 month, across 17 countries on my new baby, KTM 1290 adventure R 2022.

From Sweden through the small towns and big cities of Europe up to Greece, put the bike on a ship, fly to the land of pharaohs Egypt and ride down via the desert through Sudan, Ethiopian highlands and into my lovely country Kenya via the northern frontier.”

Said says this is a lifetime adventure for many people and he is grateful that he has a lot of support. His family, friends and sponsors are by his side as he makes this historical adventure on two wheels.

What Makes KTM 1290 adventure R 2022 Bike Special?

KTM 1290 adventure R 2022

KTM 1290 adventure R 2022. Photo/cycle World

Kenyan biker Ali Said knows this piece of engineering is built to traverse the roughest, terrain anywhere in the world. Everything about it is special.

Here are its tops specs making it a worthy ride:


The proven V-twin LC8 engine again earns the top spot as the smallest, lightest, and highest-performing engine in its class. It has 160 horsepower rating and a tremendous 138 Nm of earth-twisting torque.

In addition to being more eco-friendly, it satisfies all of the regulations set forth by EUR05. It gives you 15,000 km service intervals and low fuel usage on every single journey.

This serviceable mileage is good music to Kenyan biker Ali Said.

Handle Bar

The high-strength tapered aluminum handlebars are wide, adjustable, and made for extended hours in the saddle. They give riders the utmost control and comfort.

It also has sturdy handguards to further improve high-speed stability.


The KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R‘s LED headlamp can effectively turn darkness into day, it makes possible to safely continue on any journey, regardless of the time of day.

Cornering and daytime running lights flank the vehicle. This creates a streamlined, KTM-specific appearance while also providing superb illumination with a wide beam pattern.

Easy Display Function

A brand-new 7-inch TFT display that is resistant to scratches takes the reins as primary display. Incomparable in terms of visual appeal and legibility, it allows explorers to quickly and easily obtain relevant data without having to go through convoluted menus.

This is because of the new quick select and favorites buttons, as well as the 6-way switch cube mounted on the grip. It features bluetooth connectivity for turn-by-turn directions, music, and phone calls.


The bike’s frame is made from a new, redesigned, and lightweight chrome-molybdenum stainless steel trellis frame. It has laser-cut tubes, combining forged elements to create an ultra-strong component.

The front engine mount moves forward by two degrees to aid forceful acceleration. It keeps the front end firmly planted on the ground, and the steering head shfts15 millimeters back to shorten the overall frame for better cornering performance.

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