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5 Hiking Trails in Kenya to Explore Over the Easter Holiday

Ngong Hills
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From steep rocky summits to beautiful open moorland trails, Kenya is home to spectacular hiking trails. Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll or a more arduous trek, Kenya always has an option for you and your family or friends on matters hiking.

This East African country features spectacular sceneries. You could be hiking along a crater ridge with views over a crater ridge or you could be trekking through lush emerald-green forests.  Kenya’s trails are not just for hikers as they attract runners, cyclists and even birders. With the Easter holiday drawing closer, it may be a little hard to decide where to go hiking because of the many trails available. Here, we bring you the five best hiking trails in Kenya to explore over the Easter holiday.

1. Karura Forest

Karura Forest

Hiking trail at Karura Forest. Photo/ Living in Nairobi.

If you enjoy hiking in largely flat areas, Karura Forest is the best option for you. The forest, which is located in the Northern parts of Nairobi, covers 564 hectares surrounded by an electric fence. The forest is unique in that it has indigenous trees and provides a tranquil environment where hikers can relax.

Karura Forest offers a 9-kilometre hiking trail, with many Nairobi residents jogging here every morning. A hiking day trip here will take you a maximum of two to three hours. Before leaving the forest, have lunch on the terrace of River Cafe, where you’ll get the chance to see wild animals.

2. Hell’s Gate National Park 

Hell’s Gate National Park is one of the most iconic hiking trails in Kenya. The park, which is smaller in size compared to other national parks in Kenya, boasts a unique landscape which is perfect for hiking.

The national park is located in the southern part of Lake Naivasha and has numerous hiking trails. Here, there are meandering gorges, savanna grasslands, red-coloured rock cliffs and depressions. There are also wild animals at the park, which you’ll spot when hiking.

Hell's Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park. Photo/ AwayGoWe.

3. Table Mountain 

Table Mountain is a 6.2-kilometre trail at Mikeu, taking you through an initial gentle trek along the forest line. It then takes a plunge down to a river crossing before a shocking steep near vertical ascent for a kilometre to connect with the old trail.

You’ll then find yourself on a brief gentle trek, a brief steep climb and then unto the final gentle hike through the moorland. By the time you get to Table Mountain peak, you will be as happy as a hare having dealt with the steepness of the mountain. Nevertheless, it’s a good challenge and worth every climb.

4. Ngong Hills 

Well, you can’t talk about hiking trails in Kenya and fail to mention Ngong Hills. This is one of the most stunning destinations to go hiking in Kenya, and it’s just a few kilometres from the capital, Nairobi.

Hiking at Ngong Hills is enjoyable for both beginners and advanced hikers. The trail has several incredible viewpoints and offers panoramic views of the city surrounded by mountain ranges. The stretch is about 11.5 kilometres and it will take you 4-6 hours to move from one end to the other covering all hills. Don’t be surprised if you meet prominent Kenyan athletes here because it’s where some of them come for training.

Ngong Hills

A group of people hiking Ngong Hills. Photo/ Shahidi News.

5. Kilimambogo 

Are you planning to go hiking with your family? Well, Kilimambogo is one of the best family hiking trails in Kenya. It is an excellent choice for any beginner hiker who is looking for a gentle climb. The starting point is the entrance gate of Ol-Donyo Sabuk National Park and the hike to the summit takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Kilimambogo is located off the Thika-Garissa Highway in the Oldonyo Sabuk National Park and rises to an elevation of 2,145 m.

Which Trail is Best for Hiking? 

  • Inca Trail, Peru
  • Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Everest Base Camp, Nepal
  • W Circuit, Torres Del Paine NP, Chile

How Long is Ngong Hills Trail? 

Ngong trail is generally considered a challenging route and is about 10.5 miles. It takes an average of 6 h 12 min to complete the trail.

What are The Three Biggest Hikes? 

The Triple Crown consists of the Big Three National Scenic Trails: The Continental Divide Trail, the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.

Where Can I Hike in Kenya for Beginners Friendly?

Karura Forest is one of the easiest hiking trails in Kenya and is ideal for complete beginners. The hiking trail takes you in a loop along forest paths. During the hike, you’ll enjoy a natural environment, see a beautiful waterfall and watch birds.

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