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10 Cheap Places in Africa to Visit by 2023

Kigali Rwanda
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Traveling undoubtedly changes perspective in life especially cheap places in Africa to visit.

Africa is that one place in the world giving you an opportunity like no other to see the world differently while on a budget. There is so much to do in the Motherland.

From the cuisine to culture, history and to the well-known safaris. All of this for affordable rates. See Africa Today brings you low-budget countries you can visit in Africa.

Egypt – Visit Cairo

Cairo Egypt

Cairo City. Photo/CGTN Africa

Egypt is among the cheap places in Africa to visit. Even on a tight budget, it serves your right. Its popularity shouldn’t scare you.

A visit to the Giza Pyramid should be on your bucket list. The Giza pyramid complex in Egypt has developed into the world’s most popular tourist destination.

So many people are interested in learning more about the origins and mystique of the renowned architectural creations. The still-standing Egyptian pyramids’ clever architectural design is remarkable and deserves more acclaim than it has garnered over time.

It is astounding that such a feat of engineering has survived 4,500 years.

Rwanda – Head to Kigali City

Rwanda named emerging destination to watch in 2020

KIgali, Rwanda . [Photo by bookingcom]

Kigali is simple to get around in on a budget when compared to other African cities. The gorilla trekking excursions in Volcanoes National Park are a favourite among visitors to Rwanda.

However, the cost of those tours may easily reach $750 or higher. According to Trip Advisor, there are some less expensive trips that you may obtain for as little as $240.

If that’s still out of your price range, skip the gorilla trek entirely and choose a Lake Kivu cruise for $84 instead.  You can alternatively assist the locals by signing up for a cultural walking tour.

Tanzania – Visit Zanzibar


A stunning beach in Zanzibar. Photo/ Destguides.

Zanzibar is among the cheap places in Africa to visit. It is originally supposed to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime vacations that were only available to the wealthy.

The island is a stunning destination and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  If you choose the proper time to go, you can acquire a round-trip ticket for far less than the typical cost of $1500.

On many levels, hotels in Zanzibar are unrivalled. You should absolutely travel to the island because it offers a complete vacation experience.

It offers charming seaside communities, some of East Africa’s top dive sites, and your typical hotels. Whatever kind of lodging you want, Zanzibar probably has it.

Furthermore, even while spending the entire day at the beach may be relaxing, there are many other things you’ll miss out on.

Kenya – Visit Nairobi


Nairobi. Photo/kayak

Nairobi, is one of the world’s safari capitals with two faces. One is that there is a pricey side of the city yet an affordable one, on the other hand. Breakfast with giraffes, one of its signature experiences, starts at about $620 each night.

Too much for a night? The good news is that you can choose other options, including going to Nairobi’s National Park. You have a chance to see some of the most beautiful wildlife up close for $50 entrance price.

Zambia – Livingstone

Livingstone Zambia

Livingstone, . Photo by Wikipedia

Zambia is among the cheap places in Africa to visit. It is a superb destination with many unexplored places.

A trip to Victoria Falls National Park, one of the most famous activities, costs $30 per person.

Ghana – Head to Scenic Cape Coast

Cape Coast Ghana

Cape Coast Ghana. Photo by the Cullture Trip.

It is inexpensive to visit the castle and other slave castles in Ghana’s Cape Coast listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. A student will pay $4 in entrance fees while adults will pay $7.

These castles served as the starting point of the Transatlantic slave trade where many African slaves were transported to North America.  Entry prices are low but be prepared for an emotional experience with your tour guide.

Ethiopia – Addis Ababa
Ethiopia’s capital is one of the biggest cities in Africa, and it offers a wealth of attractions. A visit to the National Museum should kick start your visit here.

The museum’s entrance cost is less than $1. It is home to early hominid remains, “Lucy.” Also, the country has artistic treasures and one of the best archaeological discoveries.

Morocco – Marrakech

Marrakech’s Jemaa el-Fnaa market square home to snake charmers, fortune tellers

Jemaa el-Fnaa market square in Morocco. [Photo by]

Djmaa El Fna Market is the best place to go if you want to learn about Moroccan culture. It is also among the cheap places in Africa to visit.

How much you pay depends on what you intend to buy and experience, just like in any market.

Namibia – Windhoek

Namibia’s most magnificent feature, Sossusvlei, sits in the country’s largest conservation area. It is a five-hour drive from Windhoek.

This is a totally unique experience because to the burned orange colours. There are numerous options for every price range, such as booking a private tour with a guide or taking a self-guided tour.

Senegal – Dakar

Dakar city

Senegal’s, Dakar city. Photo by Brittanica

The beauty and vibrancy of the streets in Dakar is one thing that surprises you. It charms you just like a coastline does.

Take a bus or a taxi to Ngor Island if you want a quick getaway from the bustle of Dakar. Your journey should only cost 2,500 CFA, or about $4, and take 15 minutes.

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