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7 Best African Countries to Work Remotely in 2024

best african countries to work remotely
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The reality of the best African countries to work remotely lights up a feeling of boundless possibility for digital nomads. You can work and explore the beauty of different African destinations with much ease.

With the advent of the internet decades ago, the world is now a global village. Major advancements in technology also add to the rapid growth of remote working across Africa. A few years ago, it was almost impossible to work outside an office set up but things changed with the wide connectivity of high-speed internet. The introduction of online video conferencing has also contributed to this growing phenomenon.

Google Meet led in this innovation and inspired the creation of Zoom Meetings amid a dozen other online video conferencing platforms. Today, millions of people are enjoying the freedom of these innovations.

Best African Countries to Work Remotely

Digital nomads are increasingly looking for remote employment opportunities in Africa. Also, these countries give a mix of leisure and business travel which is a great balance for digital nomads.  Below are the best African countries to work remotely.

1. South Africa

best african countries to work remotely

A digital nomad in Africa. Photo/Business Insider

Cape Town reigns supreme as Africa’s remote work king. Its gorgeous beaches and epic Table Mountain views fuel creativity. Cape Town embraces your digital wanderer soul with open arms. Here, you’ll find everything you need, from wide and reliable internet connectivity to affordable cosy apartments. There are numerous co-working spaces spread throughout the city.

2. Morocco

Morocco’s tourist hub, Marrakech securely holds the second position on the list. The city, well-known for its elaborate architecture, magical marketplaces, and thriving arts scene, provides digital nomads with a seamless combination of work and cultural discovery.

There are many co-working spaces here for professionals looking for a place to work productively. This urban environment—also referred to as the Red City—has a revitalizing vibe that might inspire remote workers. A lot of professionals realize their creative potential in this dynamic setting.

Further Agadir city off Morocco’s coast is also an ideal destination for global remote workers. The beach setting of the city exudes an easy and relaxing atmosphere along with a chain of co-working spaces. Its views of the Atlas Mountain are incredibly amazing.

best african countries to work remotely

Digital working in Morocco. Photo/Surf Camp Taghazout

Agadir, on the coast of Morocco, is a great destination for digital nomads. Getting some work done from the beach in Agadir’s relaxed atmosphere is easy. Agadir is a tranquil location for remote work thanks to its abundance of co-working spaces, spas, and Atlas Mountain excursions.

3. Kenya

Major cities such as Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and other major towns make Kenya one of the best African countries to work remotely.  Nairobi skillfully combines breathtaking natural scenery with all the conveniences of city living. The Green City Under the Sun serves as a major gateway to Nairobi National Parks and other famous tourist hotspots.

Digital nomads have a rare opportunity to see wildlife in its unspoiled natural habitats here. Co-working spaces are becoming more and more common, offering workers a comfortable place to work while still keeping in touch with the city’s social scene.

remote working

Indigo Co Working Space in Westlands, Nairobi. Photo/indigocowork.sspace

4. Egypt

You would think the Egyptian capital city of Cairo is the place for remote workers but alas! It is not. The crown goes to Luxor and Hurghada cities respectively. Luxor which sits along River Nile is a mesmerizing city that transports contemporary digital nomads to the ancient wonders of Egypt.

Decorated with splendid temples and archaeological marvels, it provides an unmatched setting for remote work. Nomads have the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the Valley of the Kings and the Karnak Temple, as well as indulge in a leisurely felucca ride along the Nile for moments of tranquillity and relaxation.

In contrast, Hurghada city situated along the Red Sea, offers a charming aura of a picturesque beach town. It is a perfect haven for digital nomads seeking a blend of work and relaxation. This city offers an excellent escape from the routine of daily life, boasting stunning beaches and numerous opportunities for underwater exploration. Remote workers enjoy its serenity, affordability and a wide array of relaxation activities.

5. Senegal

Emerging as a favoured spot for digital nomads, Dakar, Senegal’s cultural and economic hub, is gaining popularity. Renowned for its commerce, cuisine, and culture, Dakar provides a stimulating working environment which puts Senegal among the best African countries for remote workers. Beyond work, the city boasts a lively nightlife scene, featuring live music venues and trendy bars for digital nomads to relax and unwind. Dakar’s rich history and distinctive architecture further offer abundant chances for exploration and cultural immersion.

6. Namibia

The remote working community in Windhoek is small compared to that in other African countries. However, it is serene with affordable high-speed internet, and accommodation.

7. Rwanda

The city of Kigali is a rapidly growing East African tech hub. In fact, coding is now a unit in most schools in Rwanda meaning that internet connectivity is superb. Kigali famed for its cleanliness and order is inviting for digital nomads.

Is Africa Ready for Remote Work?

Africa is ready for remote workers. A study by Nexford University showed that presently, 42% of individuals employed in Africa engage in remote work for at least one day per week. Another 73% have also expressed a willingness to work remotely. Moreover, the annual growth rate for companies hiring remote workers on the continent has surged to over 800%.

This exponential growth is attributed to embracing the numerous opportunities coming with the availability of reliable internet. Besides, the continent boasts a young and increasingly tech-savvy population, eager to embrace remote work opportunities. Infrastructural investments in internet connectivity, co-working spaces, and the growth of global digital payment systems make Africa ready for it all.

Can I live in Africa and Work Remotely for a US Company?

In theory, working remotely for a U.S. company is viable in any country. Numerous American businesses have adopted the idea of remote work to extend their international operations. They leverage the skills of talented workers abroad. This approach makes it practical for international talent to actively contribute to their teams.

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