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7 Hacks to Colour a Trip to Ilashe Beach Resort

Ilashe Beach
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If you ever wondered where to hang out during the weekend, Ilashe beach in Nigeria is your plug. Ilashe is an island along the Badagry creek accessible only by boat. One amazing thing about Ilashe is that it is surrounded by the Lagos lagoon on one side and the Atlantic on the other side.

The environment at Ilashe beach is serene and natural with beautiful palms, coconuts, beach sand, shells, and all. However, a great beach trip experience at Ilashe requires good prior planning. The better-planned the trip to Ilashe is, the more fun it will be.  Here are 7 hacks on how to plan a trip to Ilashe Beach Resort

Get There By Boat

While in Lagos, get a private cab going to the United States embassy in Ikoyi. At the end of the road, you will see a waterside with boats loading at the dock. To avoid inconvenience, make boat arrangements before your trip day. The cheapest means of transportation available are wooden boats run by fuel. It is a long ride of about 30 to 40 minutes from the shore. If you want quicker means, there are speed boats and even a mini yacht you can use instead.

It’s a Private Beach

Ilashe Beach

Ilashe Beach. Photo/Instagram

Unlike other Lagos beaches, Ilashe is private, which means if you are going there it is either with a group of people or an event organized by a tour group or event planners. There is a great possibility that during your time at the beach you’d not meet other people outside the group you came with.

The pros of going to Ilashe beach are that it is neat and private.

No Vendors

At a public beach, you meet young men with horses beckoning you to ride on them, different vendors with artefacts and souvenirs for you to take home, and even food and drinks being sold on the premises which is not the case at Ilashe beach.

Fun Activities

There are many great things at Ilashe beach, the cabanas, the condos and resorts if you are spending the night, the volleyball court, and the swimming pool. All these will make a memorable party and a great weekend out.

You can’t just go to the beach with no games in mind and say you had fun. Enjoy card and board games as well as balls and discs for volleys and soccer.

Come Along With Your Food and Drinks

At Ilashe beach, the visitors come with food and drinks for themselves. There are no shops or kiosks selling food on the beach. You have to get enough snacks and drinks on your way. You can also plan with the beach guides for an evening barbecue.

Selecting Your Group

This is the important part of your trip. Make sure you are going with people you connect with. These can be colleagues, friends, or club members. If you go with the right people, you will have a lot of fun.

Ilashe Beach

Ilashe Beach. Photo/Instagram


So you’ve gotten to the beach, but you have to find a place to stay. The beach has one of the highest concentrations of luxurious beach houses in Lagos. However, Beach houses can be expensive so it’s advisable to come prepared.

The bigger and more furnished the house is, the bigger the amount it will cost. It is also better to plan for the accommodation at least a week before your trip.

All things planned, and with the right company, a visit to Ilashe is a great way to have fun during a stay in Lagos.

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