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7 Best Unique Zimbabwean Safari Adventures

Written by Denise Chido

If you are looking for a safari in Africa, you can have some life-changing experiences in Zimbabwe. There are some unique safaris that you can experience in Zimbabwe. Let’s explore some of these experiences.

Nantwich, Hwange

An excellent place to go for a safari in Africa is Nantwich. It is in the northern part of Hwange National park. The setting is perfect for an authentic outdoor wildlife lover.

You have the ideal view of a dam where crocodiles live from this lodge, and hippos come to drink water. You will be able to see lions on your safari tours, as this is the region in the park where you find them mostly.

They offer walking safaris, game drives, guided walk tours of the park, and conservation talks. You will get a real authentic feel of the wilderness as you are deep and away from the crowds. It is off the beaten track.

Nantwich, Hwange. Photo/ Jenman African Safaris

Elephant’s Eye, Hwange

Elephant’s Eye is in the heart of elephant territory. You will find this in Hwange National Park’s wildlife-rich private concession. If you want to experience a safari in Africa’s untouched wilderness, this place will not disappoint.

You can enjoy the wildlife in its natural environment through guided game drives, guided safari walks, horse-back safari, and some community visits.

Elephant’s Eye can give you an experience you would have never imagined. Get to relax in nature’s peace with some wildlife drama to get your heart racing.

You will also stay in tented chalets with private outdoor showers for a complete getaway. There is an eco-spa to untie the knots in your body. Enjoy the natural night beauty with lantern-lit gourmet dinners.

This is the best romantic setting for honeymooners. They even offer an opportunity to sleep under the stars in an open-air star bed next to a waterhole.

Kariba Safari Lodge

Kariba Safari Lodge is perfect if you want to enjoy a safari in Africa but without the camping feel. It has panoramic views of Lake Kariba, with a beach area to watch the sunrise.

You can enjoy a water safari, go fishing and enjoy the outdoors by visiting remote islands. Most enjoy sundowners on a sunset cruise and tours of the Kariba Dam, rich with history. You can enjoy hikes and bush walks and take in the untamed nature of Africa’s wild.

Mana Pools Safari Lodge

Another place to enjoy a safari in Africa is the Mana Pools Safari Lodge. Nestled in the Mana Pool National Park, it is untamed, remote, and teeming with wildlife. The great Zambezi River gives the park life.

Time can be spent under the apple-ring albida trees, where you can enjoy game viewing and taking photographs. Nature gives you both bird viewing, fishing, and land animals.

The lodge is in a place that makes it one with the wildlife. The Ruckomeshi river is part of the view of the lodge, so you have a chance to see animals throughout the day coming for a drink. You have an opportunity to see elephants, kudu, buffalo, wild dogs, and lions.

Mana Pools Safari Lodge. Photo/ Zambezi Cruise Safaris

Masumu River Lodge, Binga

Binga will also offer you a safari in Africa. Masumi River Lodge invites guests to discover the surrounding countryside, waterways, islands, Batonga settlements, and museums.

The view from the lodge calls for cocktails and sunsets after a day of adventure. You can go fishing on the lake, tour the town, or visit the hot springs. A sunset tour is available for those who want to spend more time on the water while taking in the changing colors of the sky as day turns to night. A sunset in Kariba is absolutely unlike any other, resembling a painting and ingrained in memory.

Shahani, Matobo Hills

Matobo has a special kind of magic that nowhere else has. Its ecology, atmosphere, and long-term influence are unique to the region and found nowhere else in Africa. Its peaceful wildness, rich in history and culture, finds a way to cling to your skin and steal a piece of your heart.

Here you can go on game drives, rhino tracking, game and rock painting walks, and a tour of the city of Bulawayo.

Shashani, Matobo Hills

Sovereign Houseboat, Lake Kariba

The Sovereign Houseboat offers a different safari in Africa. A safari on the water is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Cruising beside wildlife-infested islands, coasting alongside a national park shoreline, and floating beneath the African sky in all of its guises gives a sense of being engulfed by the wild.

You also can go on nature walks, sunset and sunrise game viewing, and do lots of fishing.

With Zimbabwe, you get a fantastic safari in Africa. It is a place to try.

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