6 Popular Spots For Adrenaline Junkies In Cairo

Mario High Ropes In Cairo
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If you love extreme sports that spike your adrenaline, Cairo has a lot to offer.

Unknown to many, Cairo not only has great fast food joints lining up the streets of the Islamic city.

The Egyptian capital does not shy away from giving adrenaline junkies moments of their life when it comes to daring activities. Cairo has a string of these sports just to live up to the expectations of an adrenaline-driven mind.

Here are the top places in Cairo where have fun differently and put your muscles’ strength to the test.

Wadi Degla Protectorate

At the heart of Maadi is Wadi Degla Protectorate. This place is stunningly beautiful with impressive rock formations.  The historic canyon stretches 12 km in Maadi located in the southeastern part of Cairo.

Wadi Degla is a result of nature’s doings in Maadi, and its charm burns brighter with flooding lights from Cairo. But, the incessant noise from the city never gets to the protectorate.

There are myriad activities to engage in here. From hiking trails between towering rocks spread above the canyon to zip-lining; you have it all.

Surprisingly, there are wildlife sightings including rare birds. You can watch them on your bike. And always, barbeque setting wraps up the adventure in style.

Mario’s High Ropes

Mario High Ropes In Cairo

Mario High Ropes In Cairo. [Photo: Scoop Empire]

In case you find comfort in the thrill of doing difficult climbs, Mario’s High Ropes has this for you. There are high and low ropes; rock climbing and zip lining to wash to cap it all and people love how the motivating factor it brings.

Besides, Mario’s High Ropes have a different view of Cairo. Since it is set up on the elevated ground, Cairo’s views are amazingly gorgeous. It is almost a bird’s eye view of the city while at Mario’s.

Gold’s Gym Rock Climbing Wall

Who said that adventure is only limited to outdoor rock climbing? At Gold’s Gym, there is an indoor rock climbing wall that is as challenging as outdoor rock climbing. The indoor rock climbing is set on a piece of a high, gigantic rock fitted with handles for grasp.

All safety precautions are religiously adhered to all the time. So, feel safe as you take on your next rock climbing challenge.

Nile Kayak Club

The Nile Kayak Club is perhaps the most inclusive in Egypt. As a beginner, don’t miss out on the fun, the club provides trainers to escort you to the Kayaks. Other activities available while kayaking include sightseeing, island hopping, and coffee stops.

You also get to interact more with people and learn their cultural heritage including authentic Egyptian dishes.

How to Get Adrenaline Rush in Cairo, Egypt

Nile Kayak Club. [Photo by YouTube]


This one is an absolutely fun fact. So, Egypt’s temperatures are always on a high. You wouldn’t expect anything different in a Middle East country with a far-out-of-sight desert.

However, the temperature drops drastically from October and you experience snowfall – the perfect moment for a good ski. The winter season hits properly in October and months later.

Egypt experiences seasons similar to those in North America and Europe because it is in the northern hemisphere. Deep winter kicks in November and ends in January.


There is no much glamour as you would expect with Cyborg except that it is a top-rated outdoor gym arena. Here, the fittest of the fittest physically and in spirit have a merry time showcasing their skill in the outdoor gym.

The fun about it all is that there is a lot to learn from just observing. If you are working out fanatic, make a point of visiting Cyborg. And it has the best and modern gym equipment with some crazy improvisation to achieve the outdoor theme.

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