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9 Most Romantic Cities in Africa to Take Your Date

Most romantic city in Africa
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Love is a beautiful feeling that comes about due to several things, one of them being a place you first met or visited together. That’s the secret to the most romantic city in Africa and it further explains why thousands of international travellers keep going back there.

Although personal preference play a big role in shaping one’s perception of what a beautiful city is, the ambience tops the list. History and culture, the general beauty of the place, scenery and day-to-day activities form the core of the town’s beauty.

In this regard, there are a dozen places in Africa with amazing sceneries and cultural history. They have a special allure and a captivating effect that goes way deep to the heart’s core. So much so that anytime you visit, love and affection grow deeper. This article tells you about the ins and out of Africa’s most romantic cities.

What is The Most Romantic Place in Africa?

As stated earlier, the most romantic city in Africa is purely preference-based. Nevertheless, there is more than just one city to pick from. Thus, below are some of the most romantic places in Africa.

Marrakech, Morocco

Most romantic city in Africa

Morocco Riad. Photo/Mint Morocco

Rich history, natural beauty and a charming culture make up Marrakech’s romantic aura. Other factors that overtly make Marrakech a romantic haven include its beautiful architecture with intricate details of the buildings, colorful tiles, and gardens. The vibrant souks and markets are another beauty to behold and you get everything you wish for in Morocco. It’s adventurous, to say the least.

Then, there is Moroccan cuisine in this city, worth a million words. Every Moroccan dish you wish to indulge is readily available.


Unique Places in Africa

Stone Town – Zanzibar. Photo/

Off Tanzania’s coast is Tanzania is Zanzibar with centuries-old intriguing history and beauty. The top selling factor for this city is its alluring beach life spread through Nungwi, Kendwa, and Paje islands.  Moreover, Stone Town which is Zanzibar cuisine, cultural and spice hub makes Zanzibar one of the most romantic city in Africa.

Lamu in Kenya

At the heart of Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa is Lamu on the far end and it is the ultimate Swahili village you want to be in. A rich fusion of Swahili, Indian and Arab cultures is at the heart of the romantic aura this city oozes. Old Town, Swahili food and cultures, dhow adventures and beaches spice up your love.

Accra Ghana

Accra, undoubtedly, is the most romantic city in Africa. The restaurants, shopping centres, beaches, and nightlife make it an absolutely amazing city to be in with your lover.

Vilanculos, Mozambique

Vilanculos is Mozamabique’s coastal city abounds with luxurious resorts, an Arab-Portuguese blended culture, scenery and beaches. They are the foundations of the city’s beauty.

Mombasa, Kenya

Hotels in North and South Coast of Mombasa

Funzi Resort in Mombasa. [Photo by Inspiring Travel Company]

Mombasa is the coast capital of Kenya. With the Indian Ocean as the core attraction of the city, the beaches and the Swahili culture make it the ‘Kenyan city of Love’. The beach resorts are spectacularly romantic.

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos fits the glitz and glam of African soft life. From fine dining restaurants, bubbly night clubs, art and cultural hubs; beaches and shopping malls, Lagos has everything that describes romance.

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park in Kenya. Photo/Emarti-eco Africa

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi has a unique standing to it. Beyond its vibrant nightlife, dining and cultural heritage, it is the only African city with a national park at the heart of the city.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town’s scenery makes remains unrivalled; part of why it is the most romantic city in Africa. The city sits beneath the iconic Table mountain and is awash with the finest restaurants South Africa has. Additionally, it has a range of activities for couples and lovebirds ranging from hiking, wine tasting, nature walks, and biking among others.


If you are looking for a perfect place to heal, rejuvenate or take your love a notch higher, the African cities mentioned above are a real treat. They have something unique to suit your preferences and romantic needs.

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