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5 best restaurants in Downtown Cairo, Egypt

5 best restaurants in Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Written by See Africa Today

From the 19th century, Downtown Cairo has stood out as one of the top destinations for tourists.

Greek Club

It is one of the ancient eateries in Talaat Hard Square, Cairo. During World War II, soldiers flocked Greek Club. Today, it is frequented by expats from the Mediterranean region for the Greek and Egyptian cuisine. The Greek Club is a Downtown institution and a popular hangout with liberal Egyptians, artists and foreign residents.

A cold beer on the outdoor terrace is a joy during summer months. The food is nothing special but more than adequate, and the main dining room oozes vintage charm with high ceilings and tall columns.


With a Japanese theme which serves delicious raw fish, Sushiramis found at the Intercontinental is one of the best restaurants in Cairo. Its menu has both Egyptian and Japanese foods among them, octopus, salmon, tuna and eel. Standing on the site of the historic Semiramis hotel, guests can enjoy modern luxury on the River Nile.

The hotel features a 26 metres square rooftop pool and fine dining with exquisite cuisine for every taste. A selection of twelve restaurants and bars reflect contemporary design, with the Nile Terrace offering stunning views of the sunset over the Nile. Located in the heart of the city centre this hotel offers free Wi-Fi and is located next to the Egyptian Museum and bazaars of old Cairo

Maharaja Hotel

For that Indian dish you love so much, Maharaja Hotel inside Ramses Hilton Hotel is the place. Coupled by a deep Indian interior design theme, Maharaja treats you to a variety of Indian menu, the most common being tandoor which is a speciality for meat lovers.

La Chesa

It is a Swiss restaurant in Cairo’s banking sector. La Chesa has a reputation in the neighbourhood as the to-go-to place for seafood with a taste of both Swiss and Europe.

The neighbourhood is quiet and rather chilled out, making this charming little restaurant the perfect place to duck into after a day of walking around Downtown in all of its glory.

In true Swiss fashion, the interior of La Chesa is simple, tiny and quaint. Creamy yellow walls contrast nicely with the hand-carved, wooden chairs with little hearts cut out of the back. Dim lighting sets over four-person tables that are arranged close to one another, making space slightly cramped.


The best fast food restaurant in downtown Cairo. It specialises in lentil soups served with raw onions, and tiny pieces of crunchy, fried bread. Meats, shawarma and taameya are also on high demand at Kazaz.

Conveniently located next to Ahwa Bustan and Stella Bar, many regulars pick up something quick before heading to a nearby hangout. Although Kazaz is mostly known for its fast food service, there is a seating area upstairs if you’re looking for a sit-down meal.

Try the 1/4 chicken meal, which is served generously with chicken soup, rice, mixed vegetables and fresh salad. There are other Egyptian goodies and they’re all pretty delicious.


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