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Windhoek Beer, The Reason Why Namibia Is A Must Visit

Windhoek Beer, The Reason Why Namibia Is A Must Visit
Written by See Africa Today

Windhoek Beer South Africa

There is something magical about Namibia’s capital, Windhoek and what you would never imagine is that it lies in a bottle of beer – Windhoek beer brands.

We are talking of Windhoek beer that welcomes you to Namibia with open arms.

Despite having other brands, it has defied everything that you could imagine of including technology to remain a favourite for 322,000 inhabitants of Zambia’s capital.

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Windhoek beer comes in three brands; lager, draught and light. In the UK, Windhoek Draught has become a mainstay brand, Windhoek Lager is also a popular brand that you will find on the table across the UK.

The three brands are manufactured by Namibia Breweries Limited religiously follows a Germany production equation that has for decades withstood the test of time.

Christened the German Purity Law in short known as Reinheitsgebot that was discovered in 1516, these brands of Windhoek beers are made using only the finest hops, malted barley and water plus their own specially cultivated yeast which is filtered out before bottling.

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This is the secret brewing of the beer that makes it a favourite for many revellers across Namibia and the UK where they have a huge market.

Just by description, Windhoek Draught oozes freshness and flavourful with a unique sweeter finish. It has no preservatives or additives and is recommended for vegans.

Due to deep roots to Germany which colonized the country, Namibia has become a brewing powerhouse which her colonizer is known for across the world. Most of the Windhoek beers are for export.

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