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10 Weirdly Beautiful Things About Nigeria

weird facts about nigeria
Written by Teresa Mwangi

West African culture and way of doing things are somewhat strange but weird facts about Nigeria carry the day.

Nigeria has a fascinating culture, to say the least, and it is a light that society looks upon for guidance. Strangely though, certain things stick out to the world as weird but they hold a lot of logic for Naija people nevertheless.

What Is Unique About Nigerians?

With a population of an estimated 212 million people, this West African country is a melting pot of culture, entertainment and a slew of electrifying festivals. Nevertheless, there are several unique things about it as highlighted below.

Love For Bushmeat

wierd facts about Nigeria

An African giant rat. [Photo: YouTube]

The love for bushmeat tops in the weird facts about Nigeria. One of the biggest reasons behind the bushmeat craze is the flavour and tenderness this meat has over beef and mutton. It is especially popular in remote locations where there are limited protein sources and low income. Culturally though, there exists a strong affinity for bushmeat which has over the years elicited a sharp debate.

Nigerian Traditional Wedding

Weddings are an auspicious occasion in many cultures. They provide a platform to display a region’s food culture, fashion dance and music. Considering there over different ethnic groups in Nigeria, traditional weddings carry different rituals.  A common denominator is the dance and music. But the best part is seeing people throw cash into the air so that it physically falls on newlyweds.

Unique Way of Eating Chicken

Nigerians are experts at devouring chicken down to the bone and it is one of those weird facts about Nigeria. It is not sufficient to merely consume the flesh. You fracture the bone, extract the marrow, and then grind up the remaining material until nearly nothing is left.

Jollof Rice

the country with the best food in West Africa

Jollof and Chicken. Photo/
Precious Core.

Joloff Rice is a popular West African delicacy but Nigerian Jollof Rice is extremely flavourful. In case you are wondering what Jollof is, it’s rice dish with a tomato base and lots of meat in it. You can prepare it in a variety of ways using different types of meat, spices, chilli, onions, and veggies.

Although it is generally acknowledged that Senegal created this dish, West African nations eventually adopted the idea. The two countries that stand out the most are Ghana and Nigeria, who have long fought it out for supremacy in what is known as the “jollof wars”. Yet, the undisputed champs, of course, are the Nigerians, who serve extremely delicious Jollof.

Horse Parade at Durbar Festival

The cultural high point of Nigeria’s Islamic north is the yearly Durbar festival dotted by a royal horse parade. Thousands of people, from the Hausa-Fulani ethnic group spectacularly celebrate this festival on the end of the Ramadan. The festival has hitherto developed into a popular tourist destination especially due to the procession at the Emir’s Palace in Kano.

The sons of the Emir, noblemen, and regiments display their allegiance by riding through on horses while musicians escort them.

Nigerian Proverbs

Another of weird facts about Nigeria is the proverbs phenomenon. Naija people enjoy a good proverbs, and they are constantly coming up with new ones. Hilarious they are and blunt at times. Some are direct, others cryptic so you need a high proverbial sense.

For instance: “No matter how far you urinate, the last drop always falls at your feet.”

“No matter how far an eagle flies up the sky, it will definitely come down to look for food.”

“Don’t mistake a short man for a boy.”

“No matter how hot your anger may be, it cannot cook beans.”

“Girls are like mangoes, while you are waiting for them to be ripe, others are eating them raw.”

Hopeful People

Nigerians are among the world’s most upbeat and joyful people despite all of its political and economic problems. Optimism is something they hold dearly to their hearts and even in the hardest of times, optimism never leaves.

Nigerian Traffic

Nigerian traffic

Nigerian traffic. (Photo by Adeyinka Yusuf/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

You couldn’t agree more that self-created traffic snarl-ups are among weird facts about Nigeria. Some people love them, others detest them but it is a vicious food chain. Hawkers feed off these traffic jams locally christened ‘traffic go-slow’.

Collection of Bronze Sculptures

A collection of sculptures and plaques known as the “famous Benin Bronzes” previously adorned the Kingdom of Benin dot Nigeria. These superb works of art, which date to the 13th century, feature bas-relief representations of soldiers or officials.

The Masquerade Culture

A significant part of Nigerian culture is masquerade. These masked, costumed people represent the spirits and are an essential component of pre-colonial Nigerian religion. They now perform at weddings and festivals, especially around Christmas, and also in entertainment circles.


The beauty of Nigeria goes beyond music and deep into its cultural fabric. They are proud of who they are and the traditions that keep them united as people.

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