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Black American’s Trip to Ghana Inspires African Travel Movement

Jae Cameron Ghana
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Before his first visit to Ghana in 2018, Jae Cameron didn’t expect Africa to be this cool. It was surprising because all he had heard back home are negative stories about Africa and this surprise birthed Maximum Impact Travel Tours.

Contrary to what he expected, Ghana blew his mind with its friendly people, peace and vibrant culture. For a moment he couldn’t believe that he was on a continent where the reality of things was a complete contrast to what he thought.

It is then that the Black American entrepreneur realized that Africa has a beautiful story to tell but there are no proper channels to do so. This challenge pushed him to start a company to help Black People explore their native heritage much better.

What Happened When Jae Cameron First Visited Africa?

Jae Cameron Maximum Impact

Jae Cameron , a Black American entrepreneur in Africa. Photo/Jae Cameron/FB

Cameron had travelled to many other different places but not Africa, he tells Travenoire. In 2018, he made his maiden African visit to Ghana in West Africa. He expected chaotic scenes from reported political and civil turmoil.  To his surprise, peace reigned in Accra, Ghana’s capital and beyond.

After a few days in West Africa, Jae Cameron couldn’t string anything up to previous stories he had about Africa.  Besides, he had proper knowledge about slavery and its exploits from Africa to the US.

Why Did Jae Cameron Start Maximum Impact Travel Tours?

A visit Elmina Castle spurred his dream to start a travel and tour firm. Elmina sits in Ghana’s Central region and is synonymous with the slave trade between the 16th century and the 19th century. The Portuguese built the castle as a post for trade which became a harbour for the slave trade a century later.

Elmina Castle has a dark history. At least 10 million African men, women and children spent days locked up in dungeons within the castle and later sold as slaves.

Cameron realized that there is a lot of misinformation and deliberate distortion of facts about Africa that many Black People grow up with. Thus, the idea to start Maximum Impact Travel Tours cropped up as a means for Black People to learn the truth about Africa. Just before launching the travel company, Cameron launched Black History Before Slavery Campaign to create awareness about Africa among people of colour.

About Black History Before Slavery Campaign

Jae Cameron launched the Black History Slavery Campaign to tell people more about the beauty of Africa. The intent of the campaign was to correct misinformation and the perception of Africa by the West.  It was successful and he eventually launched Maximum Impact Travel Tours.

Maximum Impact links the African diaspora to stunning destinations across Africa with the help of local guides. This creates a revolving economy for these African countries and gives Black People a chance to learn and see the beauty of Africa. The experience is well-rounded with cultural, educational, leisure and entertainment.

What Does Maximum Impact Travel Offer Black Travellers?

Black travelers in Africa

Black travellers in Africa. Photo/Jae Cameron/FB

Maximum Impact Travel connects Black travellers from the US Europe and the Caribbean to myriad of African destinations. It gives them an opportunity to visit Africa and enjoy the culture, people, sceneries and history in each country they visit. The travel and tour company serves a diverse set of travel interests for its clientele.

Each traveller gets a personalized travel experience with beaches, safari, cultural sites, national parks and amazing sceneries. Whatever country you choose to visit in Africa, be Cameron and team to ensure that you explore its width and breadth. He is now looking at ways of sharing information about investing in Africa for investors in the West.


With Black History Month constantly reminding Black People of their heritage, Jae Cameron is at the heart of an African revolution for people of colour. His first visit to Ghana opened his eyes and he saw the beauty of Africa which he is now sharing with the rest of the world.

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