African Safari from Atlanta virtually : How to tour?

Safari to Africa
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Safari lovers from the US can virtually tour major destinations in African Safari from Atlanta thanks to Illumination. It has made virtual travel to top African tourist spots a reality.

Illumination uses visual experiences combined with techniques used in traditional motion picture production and virtual reality. They give users a delightful safari experience and, in this case, those who are in the west. In other words, it is a conduit immersing tourists on a virtual African safari to Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, and Tanzania.

Safari to Africa

Safari to Africa. [Photo: Courtesy]

Safari To Africa

The visual experience on an African Safari from Atlanta is the brainchild of brilliant minds in cinematic and interactive content. They pooled their wit and designed a platform offering a rare show of Africa’s gem; tourism.

What’s surprising with this technology is that its virtual reality technique does not require glasses. In retrospect, most virtual reality undertakings require glasses to activate the sense into the “other world”. it is great to experience a virtual African safari.


Users get an opportunity to bask, experience, and appreciate Africa’s top safari destinations through technology.

“This experience will transport visitors to Africa through cinematic content shot on location around South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, and Tanzania. Visitors will be immersed in the authentic sounds and scenes remotely,” Alan Greenberg, the CEO of Illumination Experiences told The Atlanta Voice.

Greenberg further adds that Illuminarium Experiences is now a global brand set to change the tourism landscape. 

“We have created a global experiential brand that will produce unprecedented entertainment spectacles to transport consumers to many of the most coveted places and experiences on Earth, and beyond,” he remarks.

Premiere ticket sale is ongoing to allow users to enjoy their first virtual safari experience in Africa.

The technological marvel is the first of its kind in the world. And Illuminarium is tapping on the best scenes in Africa to create a bond for visitors looking at exploring the wild.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Global travel remains an unresolved issue since the Covid-19 pandemic broke in early 2020. Most African countries are yet to recover their tourism numbers since 2019. Things were slow for the better part of 2020, with many parks in Africa remaining closed.

Cessation of movement and curfews in Kenya, for example, hurt the tourism industry. National parks, game reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries were closed to the public for months. The government reopened them towards the last quarter of 2020.

And even so, there were no international tourists. This was the case in South African that is Africa’s most brutally hit by the pandemic. 

At Kruger National Park, lions grew fond of the unusual silence in the vast park. Several viral photos show pride of lions napping on the road. For Tanzania, the story was different but did not record high numbers of international tourists.

The late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli declared the country coronavirus-free in June 2020. There were no stringent protocols to travel to the East African country. As a result, it recorded a commendable number of international tourists when most African countries were on lockdown.

Great Migration

Towards the peak of the Great Migration in August last year, the luxurious Mahali Mzuri at the heart of Maasai Mara capitalized on technology. The Richard Branson-owned resort offered a real-time virtual safari on the Great Migration from the comfort of its luxurious tented suites.

Mahali Mzuri serenely sits in the savannah of the vast Mara and is adopting new technology where it captures all the action in real-time. It then transmits it back to the lodge.

 This new feature initially projected a weekly video on the wildlife activities in the Mara before August 2020. It screened footage of wildlife activities from May when the facility closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

By embracing technology, Mahali Mazuri kept its customers on the hook.

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