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Black History Month : 6 African Cities African Americans Should Visit

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“Black Resistance” is 2023’s Black History month theme. It is a connotation of the decades of struggle by people of colour but, we shift gears to the best African cities for African Americans to visit.

Africa has an unbridled history as far as the origin of Black People in the US is concerned. Sadly, it goes back to the days of slavery years ago and their forced labour in the west birthed descendants who understand the cost of their presence in America.

Although not all African Americans directly trace their ancestry to Africa; they always hold the dictates of people of colour in the US. One of them is they value Africa to bits. In this vein, the following African cities stand out as outstanding hosts of African Americans.

Cape Town

Table Mountains, South Africa

Table-Mountain Cape-Town. Photo/

This South African city offers a scenery like no other with a fantastic coastline, rolling mountains on the edge and a beautiful metropolis. It largely mirrors Los Angeles City in California, US. Party life here is wild and memorable, and so are the world-class hotels and restaurants here too. Cape Town’s beach life is fantastic too.


Jo’burg as many call it is a city specially put up for people who live life on a fast lane. It deserves all of this glamour since it tops the list of the most developed African cities. You barely set it apart from major cities in the US. State-of-the-art malls and museums welcome you like you’re in New York. Another thing that greatly stands out in Johannesburg is the city’s liberal nature, highly unusual in most African settings.


World Travel Awards 2022

KICC in Nairobi. Photo by KICC

The cultural connection in Nairobi makes it one of the best African cities for African Americans to be at. Though rarely talked about, the Kenyan capital has a historical significance to Black people as it was once farmland for the whites pre-independence.

Additionally, its nightlife and street food culture is the only thing you need to feel at home away from home.

Dar es Salaam

East Africa’s Swahili city is amazing with enviable culture and friendly people. It’s all a person of colour wants. Good weather, Swahili food, and great clubs all await you.  Dar es Salaam is a cultural hub in East Africa with a lot of historical significance on matters of colonial struggle in the 1960s.  Beyond the culture and historical significance, Dar has amazing beaches which welcome you with open arms.



A stunning beach in Zanzibar. Photo/ Destguides.

Zanzibar had to be among the best African cities for African Americans. This Island was a hub for the slave trade across East Africa which is why it has a lot of significance to the African American community. All this history sits still in its Museum – a former slave trade market at Stone Town.

Besides this dark relish, Zanzibar is the East African paradise you want to be in. You have an opportunity to tour an Underwater hotel and spend several nights there.


A majority of Black people travel to Accra to reconnect with their heritage but this vibrant Ghanaian city has so much to offer. Christened the city of West African beauties, it has a close linkage with the US. Most slaves who worked in New Orleans in the 19th century were from Ghana.

So, it ranks as one of the best African cities for African Americans to reconnect with their heritage. Life in Accra is affordable and it has amazing clubs and restaurants. The city’s cultural heritage comes from food language, social interaction and most pleasant, music, art and dance.


In summary, the best African cities for African Americans to visit during, and after Black History month offer a rich historical and cultural connection.  They can relate better with the events that ended in their ancestors arriving in the US as slaves providing free labour. Moreover, Black people learn the value of cultural diversity to inculcate a feeling of appreciation in Africa.

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