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Hausa: The Richest Tribe in Nigeria 2022

Richest Tribe in Nigeria 2022
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With a population of 216,883,577 people, it is a no-brainer that Nigeria has 371 tribes. With such a massive population, you’d be forgiven to ask which richest tribe in Nigeria 2022 is.

A tribe is a group of people or a community with a common history, language, culture, and values with another group or community in the same area.

With its massive population and rich cultural diversity, the Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo are the most prominent Nigerian tribes. Each of them has a special story to tell; one is affluence, financially, socially and otherwise.

What is the Largest Tribe in Nigeria?

Before we delve deep into the richest tribe in Nigeria 2022, you should know that the Hausa is the largest Nigerian tribe.

The Hausa are the most populous ethnic group in Nigeria, accounting up around a quarter of the country’s total inhabitants. Northern Nigeria, specifically the area between the River Niger and Lake Chad, is the heart of Hausaland.

The Hausa are known for their highly unified culture, which has remained true to its roots even after colonization. Most Hausas adhere to Islam introduced to the tribe by merchants from Mali and Guinea.

They speak distinct Hausa language and English as well.

Which is the Richest Tribe in Nigeria 2022?

While Nigeria has 371 tribes, several of them stand out in terms of wealth in all its forms. Here they are.

The Hausa

Richest Tribe in Nigeria 2022

Hausa tribe. Photo/

The Hausa people make up the richest tribe in Nigeria 2022. They are not just the wealthiest group in Nigeria but also account for the vast majority of the country’s billionaires, including:

  • Aliko Dangote
  • Abdulsamad Rabiu
  • Mohammed Indimi
  • Umaru Abdul Mutallab
  • Alhaji Sayyu Dantata

Dangote, a Nigerian tycoon, is the richest man in Africa. His wealth portfolio is stunningly incredible, and behind it is a tale of a man with a business eye and mind altogether.

His estimated net worth as of January 2022 was $13.9 billion. Other Hausa tycoons list have fortunes in agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, finance and real estate sectors

The Yoruba

Richest Tribe in Nigeria 2022

Yoruba tribe. Photo/Medium

The Yoruba people are well represented among the influential, well-connected, wealthy, and politically active members of the Nigerian community in the United Kingdom. The tribe is the country’s most academically and commercially savvy group.

Some of the famous billionaires from the community include the following:

Femi Otedola: He is a successful businessman in Nigeria. In addition to being the CEO of Zenon Petroleum Femi Otedola, the son of Sir Micheal Otedola, the former governor of Lagos.

Mike Adenuga: He is the multi-billionaire creator of ConOil and Globacom.

Folorunso Alakija: A successful entrepreneur and a generous donor. He is the executive vice chairman of the Nigerian oil company Famfa Oil. Partners include Chevron and Petrobras.

Jimoh Ibrahim: Jimoh Ibrahim established the renowned Global Fleet Group.

Tunde Folawiyo: Folawiyo works as an attorney. He also oversees the operations of the Yinka Folawiyo Group, whose holdings include the energy, agriculture, shipping, real estate, and engineering sectors.

He has other properties, such as a minority investment in MTN Nigeria, a mobile phone and Access Bank. He loves art and has an investment portfolio of $650 million as an art collector.

The Igbo

Richest Tribe in Nigeria 2022

The Igbo people. Photo/Buzz Nigeria

If the Igbo people aren’t mentioned as the richest tribe in Nigeria 2022, this list isn’t complete. These people are known solely for their business acumen. Their influence extends to virtually every sector of the Nigerian economy.

The following are affluent people from the Igbo tribe:

Obi Cubana: One of Nigeria’s most well-known businessmen, Obi Cubana has made his fortune in the hospitality and tourism industries, among others. From Oba, Anambra State, he comes.

Arthur Eze: Another prominent Igbo figure in Nigeria is Arthur Eze. Some say he has more wealth than any other Igbo in the country. He owns a major oil company thereby, fairy representing the richest tribe in Nigeria 2022.

Cosmos Maduka: Maduka is a philanthropist businessman running petrochemicals, telecommunications, automobiles, manufacturing, and agriculture companies.

Which Tribe is the Most Educated Tribe in Nigeria?

The Yoruba people of Nigeria have the highest literacy rate. That’s because the Yoruba people were the first to receive western education back in the colonial era.

They grew up appreciating the value of education and passed it on to their children. Attaining proper education is now a generation thing for the Yoruba.

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