Ghanaian International Artist Amoako Boafo Painting Triptych On Rocket

Amoako Boafo world-class painter
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Thomas Amoako Boafo is another African son ruling the world with his innate artistic talent.

He is a world-class painter and visual artist. Born in Ghana 36 years ago, Boafo’s meteoric rise will see him paint for space.

Amoako Boafo

Ghanaian painter Amoako Boafo. [Photo: Collectors Agenda]

Uplift Aerospace

Just recently, Uplift Aerospace, based in Utah, expressed interest in launching a new art program. And it wants the Ghanaian painter to paint three exterior panels of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket soon expect to launch on a roundtrip space mission this autumn.

The rocket resembles a space ship that recently transported Amazon boss Jeff Bezos to space in early July. Bezos is a big art lover. This is an excellent deal for Boafo planning on traveling to Texas to commence his space painting project.

His artistic work for Uplift Aerospace is dubbed Suborbital Triptych. Three paintings that he is expected to complete in autumn will be harnessed into the rocket’s apex. Everything about it is unique.

“There are special paints. I can’t say more at this stage,” Boafo tells the Art Newspaper. “I am drawn to the idea of my works going into a new orbit, literally,” he adds. 

“This will further push my vision for my practice. I am honored to be one of the first Black men to have my work sent to space. I’m very excited to be a part of this from a historical standpoint.”

Black Culture

Boafo uses his artistic prowess-cum-talent to speak and represent the Black Culture. He is doing a fantastic job speaking for the African Diaspora with his magical touch of paint and a painting brush.

Bright colors and textured finger painting characterize his work, representing the African culture and Black identity. Boafo’s paintings generate a sense of identity, warmth, and appreciation.

Even before his star shines brighter with the Aerospace project, he impressed masses with his painting ‘The Pink Background’ in 2020. It was distinctive and stylish, making him an artist in high demand with global corporate brands such as French-owned Dior.

Art Control 

He describes his work with Uplift as an excellent show for Ghanaian people excited about space exploration.

“Ghanaian people are interested in learning and observing faraway galaxies… and I think more importantly we are interested in relating it back to earth, by solving local problems. Ghana has one of the most advanced research programs; our national space agency’s history stretches back over a decade,” he says.

Boafo’s work is impressive and sells quite fast in art galas and exhibitions. They always fetch a higher price.

But, he knows all too well the loopholes of such a wave in the art market. Artists never profit much from secondary purchases. So, he is a painter who has more control over what he paints.

Boafo buys his work for more control. He also created an art studio in his home capital of Accra to plow back more profits from his work.

Looking at his extensive ways to control his artwork, there is a raging debate on beneficiaries pitting Black Art against the white collectors who are the primary clientele.

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