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Top 8 Beaches in Bujumbura, Burundi

Beaches in Burundi
Written by Jesca

Lake Tanganyika beaches in Bujumbura, Burundi are some of the best urban beaches in Africa. The beaches are never over 15 minutes away from the city. Beautiful beaches in Burundi are great for spending time with your loved ones while basking in the African sun.

Are Burundi Beaches Beautiful?

Meet Burundi, the beautiful, and hottest new travel ticket in the region. In an age when there is hardly a place left on Google Earth that Travel TV has not already discovered, Burundi stands out for being left out of the limelight. So the best way to discover this little country “in the heart of Africa” is to ‌visit it for yourself.

The beach is the life and soul of Bujumbura on weekends. It’s where newlyweds come for photoshoots, where traditional drummers play, and pretty much the whole city hangs out.

The beaches in Bujumbura are divided into strips with names like Bora Bora, Saga Plage, and Vuvuzela. Bora Bora is where the famous hang out. Saga Plage’s main attraction is the open-air restaurant at the edge of lake Tanganyika. Vuvuzela’s scorecard is its great value for money. It is also where you are likely to see a hippo swimming in the lake. Vuvuzela is not an expats’ haven like Bora Bora 

Burundi’s rich culture and ethnicity will leave an unforgettable mark on your heart. The following is the highlight of the top 8 beaches in Burundi. So if you are in the country, I recommend visiting the following.

  1. Genny’s Beach, Bujumbura

Gennys Beach

Gennys Beach Bujumbura, Burundi. Photo/

Along Genny’s beach in Bujumbura, you can find several bars and food places. Visit this wonderful beach, sit and enjoy a cold coconut or whatever you wish. The beach is wide, so you can take a long relaxing walk while enjoying the scenery. You can also relax under the huts on the beach for shelter from the sun.

2. Saga Beach, Bujumbura

Beaches in Burundi

Saga Beach Burundi/

Saga Beach on the western coast of Bujumbura is one of the beaches in Burundi. An extensive white sandy beach offers calm and cool lake waters. Along the sand, there are beach trees for shelter from the sun. The water is safe to swim, making it a favorite beach among families with small kids. There are places to eat and relax, listening to the music from the bar area.

3. Uzuri Beach, Kajaga

Uzuri Beach. Photo/

Uzuri Beach is right on the western coast of Burundi. Soft sand and stunning coastal scenery welcome you once you reach this quiet beach, which stands west of Saga Beach. The small waves make it a safe beach relaxation and for swimming. The beach is never busy. The guests can enjoy the beach bar and a hotel while at the beach.

4. Kinindo Beach, Bujumbura

Beaches in Burundi

Kinindo Beach, Bujumbura. Photo

Kinindo Beach is on the western coast of Burundi, Bujumbura. Soft golden sand and blue waters in a peaceful atmosphere make this beach a great relaxing spot. There is also a beach bar playing great music. The bar also offers refreshing drinks. The beach is calm, and great for fun when in Burundi.

5. Bora Bora Beach Club

Beaches in Burundi

Bora Bora Beach Club. Photo/ Pinterest

They designed Bora Bora beach club with the seaside and exotic spirit. It is a Caribbean-style stilt construction that faces the lake with large benches with white and blue cushions. The clientele is the expatriates like the civil servants and senior executives, members of NGOs, and other well-off Burundians. People crowd the place on weekends. 

Many people come to Bora Bora to surf the Internet while taking advantage of the fresh breeze from the lake.

6. Lacosta Beach

Lacosta Beach is an entertainment site south of Bujumbura, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The beach hosts artists to perform on stage in concerts and live music performances. If you are a music lover, Lacosta will make your weekend.

7. Les Paillottes Beach

Les Paillottes is also one of the beaches in Bujumbura, Burundi. Its bar restaurant on lake Tanganyika is next to the football field where the President of the Republic trains. It is a great place to have a drink, have breakfast or surf the Internet under one of the circular huts. Enjoy the great view, watch birds fly by and the hippos roaming in the waters. The beach is peaceful in the afternoon, but beware of mosquitoes in the evening!

8. Vuvuzela Beach

Named in honour of the 2010 Football World Cup, Vuvuzela beach is a quiet place, the best for your date or meetings. The Hotel Bar-Restaurant is open every day, with fast service. The beach has children’s games, where they swing and play on the beach, especially on the weekends. This beach in Bujumbura is also a reception hall for weddings and other ceremonies. 

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