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How to spend 48 hours in The Gambia

How to spend 48 hours in The Gambia
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The Gambia is a haven for a fun-packed weekend. It is the place where you sharpen your skills in various sporting activities and the kitchen as well.


Paradise Beach Gambia

Wrestlers in the Gambia at Paradise Beach [Photo by Fiveprime]

While in the Gambia for 48 hours, wrestling is a popular sporting activity to jump-start your weekend. Paradise Beach is a favourite spot for wrestling. The wrestling warm-up is exciting to watch. The traditional wrestling is one of the oldest sports in Gambia and wrestling festivals are a common experience.


Trying out the Gambian cuisine is indeed a challenging but enlightening moment. Some locals offer cooking classes in their homes for visitors. Tanji Fish Market is the place where most visitors on the cooking class frequent to buy the ingredients required. The most common dishes prepared the Gambian way are peanut butter stew, fish and rice.

Bird watching

Bird watching in The Gambia

Birding Holidays in Gambia [Photo by Footsteps eco-lodge]

The Gambia is home to many bird species usually seen early in the morning and late in the evening when temperatures are low. Bird watching becomes more exciting as you paddle across waterways in a pirogue. In just one morning, you can spot 200 species of birds.

Relax and unwind

Calypso Beach Bar & Restaurant is a simple but lovely restaurant with a reputation for romantic dinner setting and cocktails. You can sit outside by the creek under the shade of thatched cabanas or up amongst the trees on a well-decorated raised terrace or sit by the pool and watch as crocodiles come out on to the sandbanks to bask. Calypso Beach Bar & Restaurant specialises in seafood, steaks and salad.

For executive treatment, Coco Ocean doesn’t disappoint. Although it is relatively pricey, it has a private beach, a spa, a restaurant and a bar. It serves a variety of cuisine; European, Japanese, Indian and African dishes.

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