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5 highly-rated tourist attraction in Swaziiland

5 highly-rated tourist attraction in Swaziiland
Written by See Africa Today

On the foothills of the Mozambique border is eSwatini land is modern-day Swaziland.

Swaziland holds the record as the world’s last monarchy and perhaps, the smallest country on earth with a population of 1.36 million people. This kingdom coloured by undulating hills is scenic by description, with rivers, ravines, waterfalls and hiking trails crisscrossing the kingdom.

Although small in size, it hosts a few of the big five but takes great pride in its culture illuminated through a series of festivals through the year with Incwala Festival being the most popular. However, there is much more to Swaziland that you can imagine.

Mbuluzi Game Reserve

Mbuluzi Game Reserve

Mbuluzi Game Reserve [Photo by]

On the banks of River Mlawula famed for its gigantic crocodiles in the Mbuluzi Game Reserve with an array of wild animals such as zebras, kudu, jackals, giraffes and nyala. Sights of hyenas, genets and honey badgers during the night are common. Over 300 birds are also in this reserve.

Nature trails and mountain biking tracks along the river’s bank, lodges and campsites

 Hlane Royal National Park

Mantega National Reserve

Mantega National Reserve. [Lonely Planet]

Across eSwatini land, Hlane Royal National Park has the single largest population of wild animals. Some members of the big five, lions, elephants and rhinos are in this park which measures 22,000 hectares. Further, it acts as the largest breeding ground for white-backed vultures in Africa.

The park has well-established mountain biking trails, bird walks and night bush treks. The campsites are nothing short amazement with traditional campsites and cottages.


Parliament Building in Lombamba

Parliament Building in Lombamba [Photo by Wikimedia commons]

It is described as Swaziland’s spiritual and cultural hub and doubles up as the home turf to Swaziland’s monarch. The buildings in Lobamba have a kingship undertone with Embo State Palace stealing the show. Lobamba Royal Village, the National Museum, Parliament Building and the Royal Kraal are all found here.

Public events such as the king’s address, cultural functions, State celebrations among others are held at the Somholo Stadium.

 Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary


Mlilwane [Photo by The Vagabond Adventures]

Across the width and breadth of this kingdom, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary stands out as Swaziland’s most popular game reserve stretching to 4,560 hectares surrounding Nyonyane mountains christened the “Place of the Little Bird” with over 400 species of birds.

Zebras, vervet monkeys, warthogs, hippos, antelopes and crocodiles are some of the wild animals you will see in this reserve. Besides the impressive game life, Mlilwane has good nature walks, mountain biking, horseback rides, a cultural village, swimming area and a campsite.

 Mantenga Nature Reserve

Mantega National Reserve

Mantega National Reserve. [Lonely Planet]

A stretch of 725 hectares of, Swaziland’s sweetness couldn’t be felt better than at the Mantenga Nature Reserve in the beautiful Ezulwini Valley. This nature reserve is home to the Mantenga Cultural Village which holds eSwaini’s ancient life from 1850.

But what’s amazing is the Mantenga Falls giving life to baboons, vervet monkeys, bushbabies, rock hyraxes, leopards, antelopes, servals, porcupines and birds.

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