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World-class Hotels Barrack Obama Slept in During African Visits

Obama in Kenya
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July 2015 was a special year for Kenya. It was the year a sitting US President Barrack Obama – now retired – visited this East African nation. What remains intriguing years later is the hotel Obama slept in Kenya.

The former US President had visited Kenya several other times before he became America’s head of state. He first visited his ancestral home in 1987 and slept at a small resort in Mombasa at the time while meeting his paternal family members. In 1992, a young Obama returned to Kenya to get more knowledge about his origin

Then, in 2006, as a Senator for Illinois Obama led a US delegation to Kenya. After his exit from office, he privately flew to Kenya to co-launch a sports training centre founded by Dr Auma Obama, his Kenyan half-sister.

Which Hotel Did Obama Sleep in Kenya?

The prestigious Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi is the hotel Obama slept in Kenya during his two-day state visit in 2015. He was in the country for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi and hold talks with former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Villa Rosa Kempinski

Barrack Obama with his half sister Dr Auma Obama at Villa Rosa Kempinski

Why Did Obama Choose to Sleep at Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi?

Located in Westlands, Nairobi’s commercial hub, Villa Rosa Kempinski in Kenya has a five-star rating and meets international standards of prestige. That’s why Obama and his delegation chose the hotel. This hotel offers world-class amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and the best cuisine options.

Besides its prestige, the hotel is close to the US Embassy, UN Complex, and a host of diplomatic missions. Also, its location is highly secure which formed the decision for the former US President to pick Villa Rosa for his stay. A presidential suite per night cost $18,153.

Which Other Hotels in Africa Did Obama Sleep in?

Radisson Hotel in Johannesburg

Radisson Hotel in Johannesburg hosted Obama in 2013 with his delegation. He was in South Africa to hold talks with former president Jacob Zuma and later gave a signature speech at the University of Cape Town. Obama later visited the Robben Island prison where Nelson Mandela served a 27-year sentence.

In 2018, he returned in honour of celebrating Mandela’s 100th birthday in Johannesburg. Radisson Hotel is in Sandton, a commercial and financial hub in Johannesburg. As part of the world’s renowned Radisson Hotel Group, it boasts of reputable hospitality standards and luxury. There is a spa, outdoor pool, numerous dining options and a fitness centre.

King Fahd Palace Hotel in Dakar

King Fahd Palace Hotel was rebranded to Terrou-Bi Hotel and it is equally famous just like the hotel Obama slept in Kenya in 2015. This beachfront hotel oozes luxury, class and style typical of West African culture. It is the pride of Dakar.

Hyatt Regency in Dar es Salaam

Hyatt Regency in Dar es Salaam

Hyatt Regency, Dar es Salaam. Photo/HRS

The Hyatt Regency in Dar es Salaam is situated in a prime area in this Tanzanian capital. It has been in operation since 1960 when it operated as Kilimanjaro Hotel and remained so until 2011 when it rebranded after extensive rebranding. It gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean, class, style and luxury made it a top choice for Obama.

Holiday Inn, Accra

This Accra-based hotel has a lot of similarities with the hotel Obama slept in Kenya. Ghana Tourism Authority previously recognized it as the best 4-Star Hotel in Ghana. Its suites are spacious with world-class features and at the heart of Accra. Besides recognition by Ghana Tourism Authority, TripAdvisor recognized the hotel with a certificate of excellence.


Obama also toured Egypt and Ethiopia but not much is public knowledge about the hotels he slept in. Nevertheless, Vila Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi, the hotel Obama slept in Kenya boisterously exudes its capacity to host the most powerful leaders in the world.

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