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Five Ugandan Camping Escapes That Will Quench Your Thirst For Adventure

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Camping is one of the most memorable outdoor experiences that await you on Uganda safari adventure. Explore the unspoiled Ugandan wilderness areas on our distinct camping expeditions. Camping in Uganda offers a distinct experience as you interact with nature; listen to the roar of the lions and the interesting melodies of birds.

Camping in Uganda presents enthusiastic campers with a variety of opportunities. Set your tent in the finest reserves or national parks and many other areas. This is a perfect chance for budget/backpackers, enthusiastic outdoor travelers and nature lovers to explore and experience the most of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Looking for the best self-drive rooftop tent camping in Uganda? Check out our best 5 Ugandan camping escapes that will quench your thirst for adventure;

  1. Kidepo Valley National Park
  2. Pian Upe Game Reserve
  3. Mount Elgon National Park
  4. Rwenzori Trekking Adventure
  5. Kigezi Region
  6. Kidepo Valley National Park

Camping in Uganda

Kidepo Valley National Park. Photo/Safari ADV

Kidepo Valley National Park is undoubtedly one of the best places often visited for camping safaris. Camping expedition in Kidepo provides nature lovers a chance to get a close interaction with nature. The main campsites in Kidepo include Kakine campsite, located overlooking the Narus Valley and the vast savanna grasslands. This campsite is perfect for visitors who are interested in self-catering camping experience while on Uganda camping safari in Kidepo Valley National Park. At this site, there is toilet with running water, telescope for you to view the park’s wildlife at a distance.

Kakine is comprised of two huts, one for guests to prepare their meals and the other is for storing food supplies. This campsite is reachable from Kidepo N/Park offices and guests can enjoy the sounds of wildlife as they graze the lions as they roar and so much more.

Nagusokopire Campsite is another incredible spot offering the best camping escape on the Western side of Kidepo NP. This campsite is set suitably overviewing the spectacular Narus Valley and its abundant wildlife. The common wildlife to be spotted here includes waterbucks, zebras and more.

Apoka Rest Camp: For the exceptional wilderness camping experiences and budget accommodation, Apoka Rest Camp should be a must-book. This budget accommodation is comprised of 16 self-contained chalets fitted with bathrooms, and features several campsites.

Kara-Tunga safari camp: This is an incredible wilderness camp that has been established to help guests explore Kidepo Valley National Park and other nearby game/national reserves. The campsite is set in the center of Karamoja area, at the spectacular Mount Moroto slopes. It has 6 en-suite safari rooms, 7 safari tents with verandah overviewing the surrounding areas. There are double and twin tents with amenities such as 24 desk reception, concierge, restaurant, and others. Possible activities to do while at Kara-Tunga safari camp include cycling, cultural experiences and outdoor adventures on Mount Moroto.

Buffalo Kara-Tunga safari camp

Kara-Tunga safari camp in Kidepo Valley National Park. Photo/JoinupSafaris &Tours

Kidepo Valley National Park, your preferred camping destination lies in the Northeastern part of Uganda. The park was officially founded in 1962 and has land area coverage of 1442, hosting abundant wildlife including over 77 mammal species, 475 bird species and other reptile species.

At Kidepo Valley NP, the various animal species to see include cheetahs, lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, dik-dik, gazelles, Kudus, klipspringers, roan antelopes, reedbucks, hyenas, and primates like Kavirondo bush baby. Other wildlife include bush pigs, giraffes, zebras, oribis, caracals, and birds such as Kori bustards, Egyptian vultures, ostriches, Verreaux’s eagle, pygmy falcons, and more.

  1. Pian Upe Game Reserve

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is one of the biggest protected areas in Uganda, measuring up to 2043 It comes second after Murchison Falls National Park 3840 in Northwestern Uganda. Pian Upe Reserve is a spectacular nature reserve, situated in Nakapiripirit District. This reserve holds a significant animal population, including cape elands, plain zebras, impalas, spotted hyenas, dik-dik, serval cats, lions, leopards, cheetahs; reptiles like geckos, rock pythons, venomous puff adders, agamas, and more. The available accommodation is the Karamoja Overland Cam or camp around the headquarters or book Uganda Wildlife Authority Bandas.

  1. Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park, a beautiful national park located in Eastern Uganda. This park is named after Mt. Elgon, a volcanic mountain rising up to 4321 meters. It is most visited for mountaineering experiences, abseiling, sport fishing (rainbow fishing tours). Camping opportunities at Mt. Elgon NP include Kapkwai Forest Cottages set at elevation of 2050m, and features 4 cottages, 4 standing tents;

Moses Campsite –a budget facility available for budget travelers. At Moses campsite, guests can enjoy the view of the Sipi Falls. Rose’s Last Chance –a perfect place for visitors who are interested in self-catering experiences. This basic accommodation is set close to Mt. Elgon Information Center (1250m).

  1. Rwenzori Trekking Adventure (Kasese)

The Rwenzori trekking adventure is the most thrilling experience that is offered in Mount Rwenzori National Park. Hiking to the summits of Mt. Rwenzori is the key highlight of every Rwenzori trekking adventure package. This is typical block mountain, rising at an altitude of 5109m. There are 6 massifs that make up the glaciated Rwenzori Mountain and include Mt. Stanley (5109m), Baker, Mt. Speke (4890m), Emin, Mt. Luigi di Savoia, and Mt. Gessi.

Rwenzori Hiking

Camping in Rwenzori. Photo/Safari Frank

There are 2 key trekking routes to the summits of Rwenzori Mountain that is Kilembe and central circuit. En-route to the Margherita Peak (5109m), there are multiple campsites to retire for the night. Along the famous Rwenzori central circuit trail, the possible safari huts/camps to have a night stay include Nyabitaba hut, John Matte hut, Bujuku, and Elena hut.

  1. Kigezi Region

Kigezi region is a spectacular tourist region in Western Uganda. This is comprised of 4 districts: Kisoro, Rukungiri, Kanungu and Kabale. It is a popular region for tourists to get up close and personal with endangered mountain gorillas. It is in Kigezi region where Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are found, where over half of the 1063 endangered mountain gorillas are thriving. The 2 destinations are popular for mountain gorilla trekking activities, birding, community tours and biking among others. Aside from gorilla camping safaris, you can also explore the beautiful lave dammed lake of wonders (Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale), Lake Mutanda and other spectacular areas.

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