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Comoros: A Fresh Look at African Destinations to Visit

Comoros Island
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The year 2022, is here amidst the pandemic. This should not deter you from thinking of where you want to travel this year. Have a look at some off-the-beaten paths. African destinations to visit should include Comoros.

You may have never considered it but it is a gem. If you are an adventurous traveller, this place is just for you.

What is the Best African Country to Visit?

Comoros is an independent state in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa, made up of three Comoro Islands.  It is one of the best African destinations to visit.

Mayotte, the fourth island in the Comorian archipelago, is claimed by Comoros but controlled by France.

African destinations to visit

Comoros Island. Photo/Iles Vanille

 For their scented plants, the volcanic islands of the Comorian archipelago were christened “perfumed islands.”

They are known for their beauty. The archipelago’s four main islands, are known as “four small effervescent stones”.

They sit between the nearby large red island (Madagascar) and the Mozambican coast. Comoro influences are from Arab, African, and French cultures. They were once important in the Indian Ocean trade between East Africa and Asian ports like India and Japan.

They add to the zest of African destinations to visit.

What Are The Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Africa?

 The natural wonders of Comoros tourism are among the top tourist attractions in Africa. They add to the glory of African destinations to visit.

Nonetheless, Comoros has scintillating sights and places to visit. Therefore, these are the tops tourist attractions in this republic.

Mount Karthala

If you always wanted to see an active volcano, here is one you can visit. Mount Karthala, sometimes referred to as Karthola, is an active volcano that rises 2,361 meters above sea level.

It is the highest point in Comoros. It is the southernmost and larger of the two shield volcanoes that make up Grande Comore Island. The Karthala volcano erupted more than 20 times during the 19th century, making it one of the most active volcanoes.

The volcano’s 3 km by 4 km summit crater has been sculpted by repeated eruptions, although the island has mostly evaded widespread catastrophe.

The eruptions on April 17, 2005, and May 29, 2006, brought an end to a period of relative calm. You could call this visit an active African destination.

Lac Niamawi

This lake is a mystical beauty. Lake Niamawi, also known as Lac Salé, is a tiny lake on Grande Comore, the Union of Comoros’ biggest island.

It is within an old volcanic crater. The lake is very salty. It is in the northern half of the island, directly opposite Grande Comore Island’s coast. Some scientists believe the Karthala Volcano formed it.

The city of Niamawi was destroyed during the volcano’s eruption, which happened somewhere around the 16th century and is currently the site of this crater lake.

Going for a swim is probably not a good idea, but you can enjoy looking at it and taking pictures. The lake’s color changes during the day.

The story is, a local holy man went door-to-door in the old town in quest of water. He was turned down by every single family, prompting him to descend on the town and destroy it.

This isn’t the usual romantic story, but it is enthralling. Topping the African destinations to visit, such stories are enthralling.

Mt Ntingui

Mount Ntingui

Mount Ntingui. Photo/Peakbook

Mt Ntingui makes African destinations to visit in Comoros a brilliant idea. If you are looking for a good hike with an incredible view, this is the place to go.

Mt Ntingui is the highest point on Anjouan. It is 1595m (5231ft) – a steep climb.

Dos du Dragon

The Dos du Dragon (Dragon’s Back) is one of Grande Comore’s most distinguishing places in African destinations to visit.

The curving headland spiked with tall rocks that resemble the back of a dragon signifies Dos du Dragon. You can easily trek to the summit from the roadside or drive down the coast to see it from afar.

Lake Dzia Landze

Lake Dzialandzé, also known as Dzia Landzé, is a tiny crater lake in the central portion of Anjouan. It is also known as Nzwani.

The lake is 280 meters (919 feet) long and 150 meters (492 feet) wide, and it stands 910 meters (2,986 feet) above sea level, surrounded by luxuriant foliage. The lake, which is part of Mount Ntringui Park, is the islanders’ primary water supply.

Several tiny streams and rivers pour into Lake Dzialandzé, but none of them are significant enough to make a significant influence.

However, pesticides threaten the freshwater fish that live in the waters and the many birds that frequent the area.

There is a story about the lake. There are different versions, but they regard the lake as a sacred place where bad or protective spirits dwell.

With its vast tourism potential, Anjouan Island and the Comoros Islands top African destinations to visit.

Thus, the hidden gems that are African destinations to visit have a lot to offer. This is only just a glimpse of its natural wonders. There is more to what Comoros offers.

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