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5 Exceptionally Romantic Hotels in Africa

Romantic hotels in Africa
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An African trip could be many things. It could be the wildlife spectacle, scintillating landscape, and diverse culture among many others. But, romantic hotels in Africa are as interesting as your imagination allows.

Even better is that every corner of Africa has an excellent facility that takes your love to a new level. All you need is to know where to go. Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular, is a treasure trove of out-of-the-ordinary locations to call home.

Here are some of the most romantic hotels in Africa – they are the most unusual accommodations, ranging from sleeping in the open air to dozing underwater.

Antbear Lodge – Luxury Cave South Africa

Antbear Lodge Romantic hotels in Africa

Antbear Lodge Luxury Cafe is among Romantic hotels in Africa. Photo/Holidawgs

Just outside the famed Drakensberg Mountains, a luxurious cave with expansive views of rolling farmland sits neatly carved into the side of a hill.

The cave features an old school fireplace in one corner, a large jacuzzi bath and a full screen of floor-to-ceiling glass. This is what separates you from the outside world.

Wardrobe, safe mechanism and even the fusebox are meticulous, making this cave one of a kind in every sense of the word.

A secluded wooden deck encircles the cave’s circumference, providing the ideal setting for soaking up some South African sunshine. A comfortable night’s sleep awaits you after a long day of hiking to the summit of Giant’s Castle Mountain. The finesse inside the cave makes it one of the most romantic hotels in Africa.

Segera Retreat – Birds Nest in Kenya

The Birds Nest at Segera Retreat in Kenya is a major attraction with visitors seeking a unique African experience. The nest created from raw local materials comes with a private bedroom perched on the treetops with 360-degree views of the Laikipia scenery.

But that isn’t all about this romantic hotel in Africa. Visitors can spend the night atop the nest after their day of game viewing. They can further immerse themselves in the natural world.

Prepared beds with hot water bottles are set up on the upper deck to keep you warm when the temperature drop. But the sounds of wild animals in motion at night keep you awake.

Manta Resort – Pemba Island, Zanzibar

Mind-blowing! Manta Resort underwater room in Pemba Island

Manta Resort in Pemba Island, [Photo by [We Are Africa]

Nothing is as baffling as the different world The Manta Resort Hotel in Pemba Island, Tanzania offers an Underwater Room.

It is one of the few places on earth where you experience the tranquillity of a traditional Swahili island culture passed down through generations.

The Manta Resort “Underwater Room” lies within the resort’s Conservation Area which is an island surrounded by untouched coral.

The mystery behind this marvellous architectural masterpiece is animated by the intermittent flickering of lights in the water.

The Underwater Room sits 250 metres from the shore. A cosy room with amazing views of fish under the water seen through the glass façade of the room. At sea level, there is a rooftop deck, bathroom and lounge.

A two-story wooden deck above water level make the Underwater Room totally self-contained.  Isn’t spending the night below the ocean deep asleep qualify this as one of the most romantic hotels in Africa?

Floating Hotel on Chobe River – Botswana

Chobe Princess

Chobe Princess. Photo/Yellow Zebra Safaris

Staying at the houseboat cruise on the Chobe River, which separates Namibia and Botswana, is a viable option for your stay. It is popularly known as Chobe Princesses vessel.

Rather than spending the entire day crammed into the back of a Land Cruiser, visitors can enjoy water-based safaris. You get this onboard one of the three floating villas along the river.

You travel down the Chobe River in search of elephants coming to drink. You can also go fishing on a small excursion boat.

Guests of the Chobe Princess still see all that Chobe National Park has to offer but from a unique perspective.

Baines’ Camp Sky Beds – Botswana

Baines’ Camp Sky Beds

Baines’ Camp Sky Beds. Photo/Sanctuary Retreats

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flew to Botswana for their third date, the country thrust into the spotlight.

Baines’ Camp, located in the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta, is one of the most elite lodges in the country. It doubles up as the most exclusive and among the most romantic hotels in Africa.

The lodge’s sleeping arrangements are what really entices visitors. When the sun goes down, you may roll your bed out onto your private hardwood deck in each of the five suites.

“Welcome to your skybed!” Indulge in some stargazing under the African night sky with the sounds of the Boro River providing the music to your evening.

In addition, the star bath in your tent offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a luxurious bubble bath outdoors.

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