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9 Traits You Must Have to Date a Nigerian Woman

How to date a Nigerian woman
Written by Teresa Mwangi

If you have watched Nollywood movies and followed it up with Afrobeats music, one things sticks in mind. How to date a Nigerian woman. They are charming, beautiful and run the show in such a way that you can only admire them.

Their skin tone ranges from rich dark chocolate, which is more prevalent, to gleaming dark charcoal. Additionally, their eyes are stunningly black, dark brown and some hazel in colour. Most of their lips are big, sensual, and with a tempting earthy brown or pink hue.

Talk of physical beauty in terms of physique. A typical Nigerian woman has full, rounded posterior luscious hips, and an enormous bosom. She will always stand out in a setting full of ladies of various races. You never miss out on her presence because it is unforgettably gracious.

From the above, the biggest question is, how to date a Nigerian woman.

How Do I Make a Nigerian Girl Fall in Love With Me?

Nigerian woman

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo. Photo by Buzz Nigeria

Looks and demeanour for any Naija woman is intriguing. Besides this, she is also emotionally and intellectually apt which calls for level headedness when planning on dating her.

Here is the thing. Nigeria with all its prestige continues battling a myriad indiscretions courtesy of poor governance. Talk of high cost of living, corruption and a widening gap between the rich and the poor. These challenges make them survivors by default.

In a nutshell, a Nigerian woman can take on challenging situations, and deal with all the curveballs life gives her. Her emotions are not an exception either. So, if you’re wondering how to date a Nigerian woman, you must possess these qualities.

  1. Honesty
  2. Loyalty
  3. Possess a great fashion sense
  4. Be outgoing
  5. Have a decent income
  6. Be generous – Nigerians are free-handed and know how to spoil a woman
  7. Strong religious faith (Christian or Muslim)
  8. Respectful
  9. Open-minded

What is The Personality of a Nigerian Woman?

The region a Nigerian woman hails from has a significant impact on her personality. Every region has distinguishing qualities making her women unique in their own way. Here is what to expect from each region.

Southern Region

They are largely of Christian faith. Also, they are more energetic, gregarious, and expressive.

Northern Region

The Northern region is predominantly a Muslim territory. Thus, women from this region are fairly reserved, shy, and conservative all because of their religious background. Most Northern women marry young and are serious about marriage because divorce in Islam is greatly abhorred.

Regardless of which region she hails from, a Naija woman is religious, ambitious and a mother figure in the family. They are well learned, some with multiple degrees from prestigious universities back home and abroad.

How Do I Talk to a Nigerian Girl I Like?

How to date a Nigerian woman requires some level of emotional skill. It isn’t hard though as long as you do this.

  • Be confident
  • Compliment her maturely
  • Watch your words
  • Know when to say what and how to say it
  • Remain respectful

How Do I Ask a Nigerian Girl Out?

A Nigerian woman

Dating a Nigerian woman. Photo by YouTube

One of the highlights on how to date a Nigerian woman is taking her out. How you ask for some time out with her is relative in the sense that people requests for dates differently.

For instance, there are men who go straight to the point and ask for the date. On the other hand, others will employ the Nigerian vibe of lacing their requests with flattering words before making their point.

That’s when ‘Rasheedah’ is commonly used. Either way, the best thing to do is understand your crush at all levels before asking her out. It gives you a bearing on how best to do it without offending them.

While so much is expected from a man dating a Nigerian woman; he also gets a few things in return. You will always get respect as a bare minimum because West African culture demands this of women

In Addition, you enjoy the courtesy of a well brought Nigerian woman because it signifies a good upbringing. It also demonstrates the calibre of your heritage. As a result, you will typically find a Nigerian woman to be kind and nice. In the end, how much she loves you depends on the variables above.

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