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Why you should visit Uganda’s Dutchess restaurant for a crocodile burger

Why you should visit Uganda’s Dutchess restaurant for a crocodile burger
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The Buganda people in the Republic of Uganda have earned a reputation across the African continent for making the best matoke stew (banana stew). This is Uganda’s signature dish that has continued to define their culture for many years.

Although matoke remains the most famous traditional food, the people of Uganda have kicked out complacency and embraced other cuisines which, somehow, have a Ugandan touch. In case you make a trip to Uganda, try different Buganda dishes in its restaurants below.

Nyanja Restaurant

The first sight of Nyanja Restaurant which sits within Speke Resort Munyonyo sends chills all over the body due to the grandeur that surrounds the restaurant. Surprisingly, meals here – from snacks, drinks, four-course meal – are highly affordable and do not disappoint.

Cafe Javas

The Kampala-based Cafe Javas is the perfect place for you to grab your breakfast or midmorning coffee while you are on the run. It is mostly known for its sweet coffee in town. On a scale of 1-10, most people who frequent the joint rate at 10 due to outstanding customer service and reasonable prices.

Dasarang House

Are you tired of the same dishes every now and then and would like to try a foreign cuisine? Dasarang house in Kampala could satisfy your fetish with a generous serving of Korean cuisine crowned by Korean pop music. This place has transformed Kampala’s culinary trajectory especially with its healthy soups which many are beginning to develop a liking for.

The Pearl of Africa Restaurant and Champagne Bar

This is arguably one of the finest joints in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Finesse, class and style define this establishment where culinary arts spread to local, national and international dishes. Dinner here gets even better with tunes from a pianist every night.


Did you know that there is a crocodile burger and that you could have it with just a simple order at this Italian restaurant in western Uganda?

Besides, it offers a variety of 40 different types of wood-fired pizzas.

Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge

Once you secure a seat at the posh Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge, it surely feels like you just took a trip to Athens, Greece. It serves Greek cuisine with a touch of Africanism but the Greek spices make the meals here so tasty.

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