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Costa Titch Struggled to Find Fame, Now Successful He’s Gone

Costa Titch songs
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Costa Titch songs personified a super-talented rapper and songwriter in South Africa known for his hit songs like Nkalakatha and Big Flexa.

Before his tragic death over the weekend, the rapper had created a style for himself that everybody could reckon with and has been dropping songs consistently since his first debut. On 11 March, rising 28-year-old South African dancer and rapper Costa Titch tragically passed away while performing in Johannesburg. His untimely death shocked many of his dedicated fans worldwide, who were inspired by his creativity and talent on stage. The sound in his songs typically draws on trap rhythms complemented by intense drum samples that bring an electric energy to his tracks.

Before Costa Titch made his debut as a hip-hop artist, he was already making waves in the entertainment industry with an electrifying performance as a dancer alongside South African star Cassper Nyovest. Despite his early entrance into the entertainment world as a dancer in the New Age Steez dance crew alongside Phantom Steeze and Tumi Tladi, he remained relatively unknown.

It wasn’t until he released “Activate” that his star truly shone brightly. After this smash hit single, he became a household name and lived up to this fame every day.

Costa Titch songs

Costa Titch songs. Photo/St Vincent Times

How Many Songs Does Costa Titch Have?

Costa Titch songs are more than a dozen.  He has at least 10 songs and various EPs. He is one of the most successful South African music artists with many hit singles such as “Nkalakatha”, “Thembi”, “Activate”, “Stimela”, “Instincts”, “We Alert”, “Hit That Woah”, “Geza”, “Chi Vu” and “Phezulu.”

In particular, his chart-topping hit “Nkalakatha” is one of the biggest successes taking over the airwaves even today.  “Phezulu,” featuring Boity, quickly became a people’s favourite, demonstrating the skill of the two rappers. He recently signed a record deal with Senegalese-American artist and producer Akon following the success of his single “Big Flexa”.

He is also the mastermind behind several EPs such as “For Real Trappers Only”, “OMWTFYB”, “Wonderland EP”, and “Gqom Land.” Costa Titch’s signature sound is an exciting mix of Amapiano, Hip Hop, Gqom and Afro Pop. His beats are lively and infectious, making them the ideal backdrop to any occasion – from jubilant gatherings to relaxing moments at home. The dynamic artist is renowned for his emotive Isizulu lyrics, which gives a unique flavor to each of his beats. His music has an upbeat vibe and packs a punch on the dance floor – it’s no wonder why Costa Titch songs are making waves in the South African music scene. 

Who Sang Big Flexa?

South African singer-songwriter and performer, Costa Titch, sang “Big Flexa”, the popular TikTok hit that should be on your Playlist. It is a smooth Amapiano song Produced By Man T, Sdida and C’Buda M, accompanied by captivating visuals shot in Soweto. Titch recently signed a record deal with Senegalese-American artist and producer Akon, following the breakthrough success of his single “Big Flexa” across Africa.

Where Did Costa Titch Grow Up?

Costa Titch was born and grew up in a multi-cultural family in the East South African city of Nelspruit. Titch was the country’s pop culture artist and has been a major influence in South African music culture and continues to make strides in the industry. Both white and black audiences enjoy his music, and his presence resonates authentically throughout the country.

In addition to being rhythmically appealing, his lyrics are smartly written and poignant, often reflecting on the struggles experienced by South African young people today. With its authenticity that stands out in comparison with mainstream music dominating radio airwaves these days, it’s no surprise that Costa Titch built a significant fan base among younger audiences across South Africa so quickly. 

Despite being white, he shook the music scene with his African language use, innovative cultural experiments and vibrant urban dance routines that defied the ‘white men can’t dance’ stereotype. The Mzansi rapper embodied a distinct kind of hope for the youth of South Africa. He represented what Nelson Mandela hoped young people would strive for – fluency in African languages and an appreciation for culture expressed through fashion, dance and music inspired by urban hoods. His videos highlighted local scenes depicting incredible physical flexibility reminiscent of Pantsula street dancers to portray his message authentically throughout the country.

Why Did Costa Titch Pass Away?

Costa Titch performing

Costa Titch performing. Photo/Sky News.

Costa Titch passed away on 11 March 2023 due to a medical emergency while performing at a concert in Johannesburg. Videos on social media of Saturday’s concert show him performing with his microphone in hand when he appears to fall. He continues singing but collapses again, prompting other artists to come to his aid. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died. An investigation is ongoing into his death though a medical emergency is considered the cause.

Titch initially struggled to gain mainstream musical success but earned recognition in South Africa with his 2019 single “Nkalakatha”. This song came came after a series of, in his words, “wack drops. One of Titch’s many collaborators was South African rapper AKA, who was fatally shot last month. Sadly, this tragedy adds further distress to the South African music industry, which has already gone through too much sorrow following multiple renowned losses; particularly AKA (Kiernan Forbes), someone whom he worked closely with on various projects.


Costa Titch has pioneered the African trap music genre and continues to leave a lasting impact on fellow rappers like Cassper Nyovesrt. Rather than escaping to the safe, comfortable world of white privilege and power, Costa Titch embraced South Africa’s cultural diversity. He was confident in every setting he found himself in and unapologetically proud of his originality. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to witness what would have been a bright future for him anymore.

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