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Tree-climbing lions of Tanzania and Uganda

Tree-climbing lions of Tanzania and Uganda
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It is unusual for a lion to climb trees, but this is no longer a myth as there exist tree-climbing lions in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania and Isasha plains in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

Initially, tree-climbing lions were at the Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania but slowly shifted to the Serengeti where it is common to see lions up in the trees. However, the practice is specific to certain pride of lions.

In a pride where the older lions climb trees, the young lions emulate this behaviour and attempt. They practice tree climbing and within no time, become perfect, a tradition they pass on to all other members of that specific pride.

In the Serengeti, lions climb trees for fun and relaxation. During the day, you will find lions lazying on top of trees waiting for dusk to set in when their hunting spree starts.

In Isasha plains, located in the Southern part of Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, lions are always perched high on the trees after an eventful hunting spree in the morning. In this part of the park, lions climbing trees every afternoon is considered a ritual.

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