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US First Lady Touring Kenya, Namibia, Here’s Why

Jill Biden Kenya
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US First Lady Dr Jill Biden Kenya visit marks her sixth trip to Africa. What’s different is that her trip to Kenya and Namibia is her first as the First Lady.

She flew to Namibia in Southern Africa on Wednesday and is expected to fly to Kenya in Eastern Africa. Dr. Biden’s visit is for official purposes where her scope of focus will be women, youth, and other critical issues in the African continent.

Why Did Dr Jill Biden Visit Namibia?

Dr Jill Biden Kenya and Namibia visit will focus on social issues. In Namibia, she will engage women and the youth in an effort to build a strong democracy.

“My trip begins in Namibia, where a vibrant and engaged youth drive a young and strong democracy,” she tweeted. “I’ve always believed that supporting women and youth across the world is critical to our common future, with education, health, and empowerment at the heart of it all.

Why is Dr Jill Biden Visiting Kenya?

Ruto with Joe and Jill Biden

Kenyan President William Ruto with US President Joe Biden at the White House.

Kenya is one of the hardest African countries of the ongoing drought and food insecurity largely attributed to the Russian-Ukraine war. Therefore, Dr Jill Biden Kenya visit will focus on this.

“Then in Kenya, I will hear from those affected by the ongoing historic drought and food insecurity, which has been exacerbated by the ripple effects of Russia’s assault on Ukraine,” she further said in her tweet.

On a broader scope, FLOTUS African visit will also focus on health, education and empowerment which are all pertinent issues in the continent.  She adds despite Namibia and Kenya being millions of miles apart, their issues have an effect on the US because the world is connected on many fronts.

Dr Biden affirmed the US under the leadership of Joe Biden will honour all the democratic values it shares with Kenya and Namibia.

Which African Countries Did Dr Jill Biden Visit in the Past?

Although Dr Jill Biden Kenya visit is a big deal and even mightier on the international relations front, she has been to Africa before. But she visited a coupled of African countries pre-Biden’s presidency. Here is a brief summary of the African countries the US first lady visited before.

Ethiopia in 2010 – The purpose of her visit was to create awareness surrounding Ethiopia’s economic development and general women’s health issues.

South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia in 2011 – Southern Africa welcomed her to promote awareness of education, health and women empowerment.

Dr Jill Biden in Kenya

US First Lady Dr Jill Biden. Photo/I LOve Africa

Malawi and Sierra Leone in 2016 – More like her 2023 visit to Namibia; her visit to Sierra Leone and Malawi was to champion for girls’ education and the impact of community efforts in achieving the same.

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, South Sudan in 2019 – Dr Jill Biden Kenya visit in 2023 isn’t the first one since she visited this East African country in 2019. She rooted for the education of girls and women’s empowerment.

According to the US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, she will visit Malindi on the Kenyan coast as part of her outreach programme.  Malindi in Kilifi County is the perfect case study for addressing gender marginalization and hunger.  It still suffers from inadequate healthcare facilities, schools and employment opportunities for both men and women.

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