Zimbabweans vote in a pivotal presidential election, testing democracy amidst economic crises.

Ruling party Zanu-PF's dominance at stake against beleaguered opposition's struggle for change.

The Mauritanians leaving their country are fleeing economic insecurity and state violence against the Black population.

Second election post-Mugabe's 2017 military ousting; economic issues loom large.

Economic challenges include 175.8% inflation and a declining local currency value.

Voting delays reported, attributed to ballot paper printing issues.Less than half of 15 million eligible voters; desire for change resonates.

Incumbent President Mnangagwa faces main opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa's challenges: crackdowns, intimidation, urban support vs. rural strongholds.

 Past election results disputed; Mnangagwa took office after legal battle. Opposition rallies banned, arrests made, and last-minute policies criticized.

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