Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group, recorded a video in Mali proclaiming his group's role in making Russia greater and Africa more free.

 Wagner Group operated in various African countries, including CAR, Mali, Sudan, and Mozambique, often in exchange for access to valuable resources.

 Prigozhin's death is seen as a relief for many African governments, as his group's activities often stirred controversy and concern.a

Historical context: Mercenaries were frequently used during the Cold War to influence civil wars and violence in newly independent African nations.

Wagner Group's activities in Africa included security services, training, and resource extraction. Wagner's successes and failures varied; it played a protective role in CAR but faced challenges in Mozambique.

Wagner's involvement in fake news and trolling led to increased anti-Western sentiment in West Africa.

 Wagner's presence in Sudan and Mali was notable, and it faced criticism for alleged human rights abuses in central Mali.

 Prigozhin's death may affect the future of Wagner's activities, with the Kremlin potentially taking over operations.

African-led security measures are gaining momentum as countries reject the use of foreign mercenaries.

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