A UN-mandated investigation into human rights abuses in Ethiopia is ending despite ongoing atrocities in the region.

None of the parties involved requested an extension of the mandate by the deadline.

The International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia was created in 2021 following a motion from the European Union and will conclude after October 13, 2023.

A recent commission report warned of the continued risk of human rights abuses in Ethiopia and the need for ongoing independent investigations.

Widespread atrocities occurred in Ethiopia's Tigray region starting in November 2020, involving government forces and rebels.

Despite a peace agreement signed in November the following year, atrocities continue in parts of Tigray.

African states' opposition contributed to the reluctance to renew the mandate.

Human Rights Watch criticized the EU and its members for backing away from supporting scrutiny of the human rights situation in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has consistently opposed the UN-mandated investigation, arguing its national justice policies were sufficient for inquiries.

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