Source of the Nile River: Embark on a fascinating journey to Jinja, where you can witness the source of the Nile River, one of the longest rivers in the world. Enjoy boat rides and explore the beauty of the Nile as it begins its majestic journey.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: Embark on an unforgettable safari adventure in Queen Elizabeth National Park, renowned for its diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes. Encounter elephants, lions, buffaloes, and an array of birdlife while cruising along the Kazinga Channel.

Tree-Climbing Lions: Discover the unique tree-climbing lions of Ishasha, a region within Queen Elizabeth National Park. Witness these extraordinary felines as they rest and lounge in the branches of fig trees.

Cultural Heritage: Learn about Uganda's struggle for independence and the country's rich cultural heritage. Visit historical sites, museums, and local communities to gain insights into the nation's past and the resilience of its people.

Idi Amin's Rule: Understand the tumultuous period of Idi Amin's rule, which had a profound impact on Uganda's history. Reflect on the consequences of his authoritarian regime and the subsequent efforts towards reconciliation and rebuilding.

Entebbe: Explore Entebbe, a town with historical significance, where the daring Entebbe Raid took place in 1976. Visit the Entebbe Botanical Garden and the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre to learn about the country's natural heritage.

Ugandan Independence: Celebrate Uganda's journey to independence, gained on October 9, 1962, and understand the legacy of the nation's founding fathers, including Dr. Apollo Milton Obote and Sir Edward Mutesa II, the first President and King of Uganda, respectively.

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