Traveling As a Female Traveler: Which Countries Are Safest?

Iceland is so safe that there are rumors that there are more horses than police officers there because crime is so low


 Like Iceland, its otherworldly landscape will make you question your reality. Like Iceland, New Zealand is statistically safe

New Zealand

One begins to wonder why Finland is consistently rated as the happiest nation in the world


In recent years, Indonesia, and Bali in particular, have experienced a tourism boom unlike anything other. Popular is putting it mildly


Take the 4-day Inca Trail hike if you want to try something new. Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of the World, is the end of the trail.


The Maldives are safe for single travelers. Maldivian residents are friendly. They're used to and welcome travelers.

The Maldives

Portugal is safe at night, but take cautious. Watch live Fado while sipping vinho Verde or port.