Ariel School UFO Sighting, Zimbabwe (1994): In this widely discussed incident, over 60 students at the Ariel School claimed to have witnessed a UFO and beings outside their school. The children described seeing a silver craft and "strange-looking" beings.

Trans-en-Provence Case, Mauritius (1981): A farmer reported seeing a saucer-shaped object land in a vineyard. Physical effects on the soil, such as dehydration, were allegedly observed. French investigators examined the site.

Westall UFO Incident, South Africa (1966): Hundreds of students and teachers witnessed a UFO in broad daylight over Westall High School in Melbourne, South Africa. The object reportedly landed in a nearby field before taking off again.

Valentich Disappearance, Australia (1978): While not directly in Africa, it involved an Australian pilot flying over the Bass Strait. The pilot reported a UFO following him before radio contact was lost. The plane was never found.

Moroccan UFO Wave (1952): In the summer of 1952, Morocco experienced a series of UFO sightings that garnered significant media attention. Witnesses reported seeing silver objects performing aerial maneuvers.

Salta UFO Incident, Argentina (1995): Although not in Africa, this incident involved a UFO sighting over Salta, Argentina, by multiple witnesses. Video footage captured strange lights in the sky, which remains unexplained.

Rendlesham Forest Incident, United Kingdom (1980): While not African, it's worth mentioning due to its significance. US military personnel stationed at RAF Bentwaters reported encountering a UFO in Rendlesham Forest.

Pascagoula Abduction, United States (1973): This incident involved two men who claimed to have been abducted by robotic beings from a UFO in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Kaikoura Lights, New Zealand (1978): Again, not in Africa, but it's notable for its widespread media coverage. Aircraft and radar detected unidentified lights near Kaikoura, sparking public and official interest.

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