Two killed, five injured in a shell attack on Timbuktu, Mali, blamed on "terrorists," amidst a surge in militant attacks in the region.

Timbuktu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has faced recent jihadist sieges, causing acute food shortages.

In 2012, Islamist and Tuareg fighters captured Timbuktu but were ousted by French forces.

Jihadists continue attacks from bases in the Sahara Desert, leading to Mali's military seizing power in 2020.

UN peacekeeping force withdraws, France deploys mercenaries, and militant attacks increase.

Food, petrol, and medicine shortages since August due to jihadist threats to truck deliveries.

Army foils attack in Léré town, kills five militants, and faces raids by ethnic Tuareg rebels.

Tuareg rebels seek northern Mali independence and oppose army control of vacated UN bases.

Ongoing Islamist insurgency spans Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso, prompting military takeovers.

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