With the Pixel 6, Google introduced Call Screen. This feature uses Google Assistant to screen your calls for you and type down a transcript. 

This way, you could get an idea of who’s calling without needing to pick up the phone. Say, you’re in a quiet area where you can’t talk on the phone. Well, Call Screen could come in handy.

Today, Google announced a major update to this feature. Originally, Call Screen would merely tell the caller that the call is being screened and ask them to begin speaking. Well, with this update, the feature will be interactive with the caller.

When the AI voice picks up the phone for you, it will have a natural-sounding back-and-forth conversation with the caller. This way, it will feel less like you’re talking to a robot and more like you’re talking to an assistant.

The company says that this natural-feeling conversation will convince the caller to stay on the line longer. This is great, as calling a person only to hear a robotic voice will push most people to hang up the phone.

Also, the AI powering this technology will be able to detect if you’re being called by a scam number. If so, then it will automatically hang up on them.

If the AI doesn’t detect that it’s a spam caller, it will ask the call the reason for the call. After the caller explains why, the AI will connect your call So, it’s just like having your own digital secretary.

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