Families from Sudan are arriving in remote Northern South Sudan, straining humanitarian efforts.

AEL first fled South Sudan, then lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia before moving to Sudan.

Memories of the 2016 escape haunt AEL, making her reluctant to return to South Sudan.

Rainy season and limited funding have worsened conditions at the crowded Transit Center in Rank.

UNR focuses on managing the center, providing water, food, and sanitation for incoming refugees.

The influx of refugees strains South Sudan's limited resources, already recovering from a long civil war and climate impacts.

UNIA relocates refugees to Maan, collaborating with partners to ensure their safe transfer to their places of origin.

6 million people have fled their homes due to the Sudan conflict, with no immediate end in sight, forcing many to seek safety in neighboring countries.

International partners collaborate to ensure the safe transfer of refugees to their respective places of origin, despite the ongoing crisis.

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