Poultry farms in South Africa are battling an outbreak of avian flu, affecting both wild birds and poultry.

Two different strains, H5N1 and Influenza H7N6, have been confirmed in the country by health authorities.

The highly pathogenic avian flu has resulted in over 7 million chickens being culled since September.

Outbreaks have been detected in Hangmpumalanga, Limpopo, and the Freestate provinces.

Shortage of eggs and chicken in supermarkets; South Africa's Department of Agriculture has allowed the importation of eggs and poultry meat.

Current measures imposed on farms and restricted exports of poultry products to mitigate shortages.

Avian flu adds to the woes of South Africa's agricultural sector, already grappling with power blackouts and a recent drought.

South Africa is facing an avian flu outbreak, with both wild birds and poultry affected. The outbreak has resulted in millions of chickens being culled, causing a shortage of eggs and chicken in supermarkets.

Wild birds also affected by the outbreak.Agricultural sector in South Africa facing multiple challenges.Struggles with power blackouts and drought in recent years

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