In response to the coup in Niger a month ago, ECOWAS imposed sanctions, causing provisions to become scarce in the landlocked country.

Residents in Tillabéri, near the capital, are feeling the effects of these sanctions.

Demonstrators in Tillabéri blame ECOWAS and France for their dire situation due to sanctions.

Local market still offers staples like rice, but fewer people can afford to buy them.

High prices have affected even those with good salaries, like NGO workers.

Local rice prices have increased due to factors like fertilizer availability and diesel shortages.

Trade has halted in Tillabéri's small harbor, worsening the situation.

 Local rice production is insufficient to meet the growing demand. High rice prices are attributed to fertilizer and fuel shortages, not just sanctions.

Even NGO workers struggle to feed their families due to rising prices and limited food imports.

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