66 years after Kenyan Liberation icon's death and Kimathi's execution by British colonial rulers, calls for unequivocal apologies still echo.

Kenyan police blocked the social justice network from protesting King Charles II's visit in Nairobi.

Social justice activists demanded the closure of the British permanent base, BATUK, and the return of all land to the Kenyan people.

Political analyst Herman Manura blames African leaders for subservience to the British and French, citing their exploitation of their own countries.

Heavy security deployed as King Charles III visited the War Cemetery, where he didn't issue a formal apology for past wrongdoings.

Kenyan police blocked the Social Justice network from protesting in Nairobi against King Charles.

Activists were demanding an apology from King Charles for unspecified reasons. The news of the police barring the protest spread across various media platforms.

Several news channels and networks covered the story, including Africanews, Reuters, and KTN News Kenya.

The incident caught international attention as it involved British King Charles in Kenya.

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