Niger's political turmoil continues after a military coup detains President Muhammad Bazoom. The coup leaders resist international pressure for release, prompting protests and strained relations with France.

ECOWAS emphasizes ending coup cycles and military intervention. The military calls for a million-man march, gaining some support but facing challenges.

Diplomatic tensions rise as France expels Niger's French ambassador, and rumors of further expulsions circulate, impacting diplomatic and economic ties.

Niger faces political turmoil post-coup; military detains President Bazoom. International pressure for release and return to civilian rule.

Coup leaders call for a million-man march amid protests and mixed support.Diplomatic strain as France expels Niger's ambassador; economic concerns arise.

ECOWAS stresses ending coup cycles and potential military intervention.Diplomatic turmoil extends to rumors of other expulsions, impacting ties.

 Continued uncertainty in Niger's political and diplomatic landscape.

Local leaders, including Mayors and Village Chiefs, voice solidarity with the coup, adding a layer of complexity to public sentiment.

Civil society's response to the coup and subsequent events sheds light on the diverse perspectives held by Nigeriens.

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